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Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene, You Wicked Wicked Lady!!!!!!

August 29, 2011

Good morning from our devastated little corner of New England.   The sun is shining and it's a gorgeous day.  However, that's all that's good so far.  Yesterday morning, Irene managed to shut down all our electrical power, cable TV, internet and phone service.  All we have is a big dark house.  We have food in our refrigerators and freezers but we are afraid to open the doors for fear that all the cold will come out and the food will go bad.  Oh well, we have to open the doors anyway in order to eat the food.  It's not a pretty picture.

The good news is that none of us got hurt.  Trees came down in my daughter's yard and destroyed their fences.  Thank goodness nothing hit her house or car.  We have a lot of downed branches, leaves and twigs.  We did lose a couple of dead trees out back, but thankfully nothing hit the house that I know of. 

The dwarfs are getting unruly because they are bored.  They are tired of eating peanut butter sandwiches and sitting around with nothing to do.  Gee whiz!  I wonder why they don't just drag out one of our board games or go for a walk.  I would suggest that they might go out and clean up all the debris in the yard, but that would probably send them into shock. 

I still have my cell phone, and I can charge it's battery in my car.  I may have to call out of work for the rest of the week.  I'll know soon.  The electric company says it could be 3 to 5 days before they can try to fix our outage problem.  And, without electricity, the cable (TV, internet and phone) won't be up and running anytime too soon. 

I took a chance that Walmart might be open with power and was there at 7 am this morning, but they cannot open because they have no power either.  I tried to use the internet at a McDonald's but it wouldn't hook on for me.  So now I am sitting at my daughter Deanne's house, charging my laptop battery and posting here. 

I'm hoping that someone somewhere will have a generator for me to purchase today so that I can at least hook the freezer and refrigerators, and I have to buy another supply of batteries.  Ours are almost depleted.  We are using candles and flashlights to see at home. 

Folks, if I don't post tomorrow, I'll try to get out and come back here on Wednesday to use Deanne's internet.  Gosh, this is a pain in the patootie!!!   The storm itself was not too bad here, but the damage it wreaked is tremendous.  Right down the stree from here there is a huge tree about 12 inches in diameter that was uprooted and dumped on the property owner's house and car.  There's a lot of that sort of stuff all over. 

How about a couple of photos of a butterfly and an adorable little moth?  I took these a few days ago at work.

Want to see this little beauty up close and personal?

Well, now I have to take Tootsie home to get her morning meds.  We left too early this morning to take care of this.  Then I will have to be off shopping to see about more batteries and a generator if I am lucky.  Till my next post, Y'all stay safe and have a great day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

I'm so happy to hear that you are okay. It's hard to deal with the inconveniences at hand but I admire your pluck and spirit to see the humor through it all. Those dwarves are a finicky lot, aren't they? I hope your power is fixed soon and all is back in order.

Mary Ann Roesler said...

Thanks for the posting...Gene and I were concerned. Glad the sun is out showing that things will get better. Hope it all gets better soon. Nice not to see the word Flooding in your blog.

seamhead gypsy said...

Happy that you are ok. Though i'm not sure when you'll be able to read this... I followed the hurricane Irene coverage nearly every waking minute from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening. I need a life? At one point the coverage came from WBZ and while watching it I felt like I was back home where I belong...perhaps someday i'll get to leave Ohio to return. You are pretty lucky to have only minimal damage and no electricity. Some are trapped by rising flood waters or lost their homes, cars, or even their lives. We can go few days with no posting if it means you are safe.

smiekeltje said...

Real glad to hear you are okay. Well, it isn't great that you have no electricity and internet and such, of course not. But though it i a real inconvenience, we could say you are still lucky. No damage to the house or car, nobody hurt, pfffff.
We'll just have to be patient to hear from you, till power and internet is back again. Hope it will be repared soon.
The dwarfs are really special people, aren't they? LOL! If there is nothing else to do, they might be persuaded wit some gentle words to help clear you garden from the fallen branches and such.

suruha said...

Hiya! Making sure you're okay. I followed what the 'cane was doing, but, the NE is massive. I couldn't tell. I had to come see. I know if possible, you'd be posting something. It sounds like you pulled through fairly well.
The loss of power thing isn't so bad, but, it can play on your psyche! LOL When Andrew, or one of those bad asses, came through and we lost power, it felt like my house had lost it's soul. My daughter had to come get me and take me to her house. LOL
What did little Tootle-pops think of the big blow? I'll bet she wondered what all the ruckus was about! Animals have a sense of these things or something, don't they?
Hopefully, the power won't be out long. What we did, with children not grasping the open-door cold-loss, is keep the 'often-used' refrigerator items in a chest of their own, milk, tea, some lunch meat and loose ice. That way, the big freezer isn't loosing it's cool except for once in a while when you stock the goodie chest. Your 'baggies of water' idea would suit this fine.
Hey, if nothing else, it is an adventure in resourcefulness!
I'm just glad you and Tootsie are alright! When things get more back to normal, hollah. LOL I'd love to hear from you!