Monday, May 9, 2022

Happy Mothers' Day (a day late)

May 9, 2022

Good morning.  Today is sunny with temps in the fifties.  Thursday, temps will be warming up more.  Soon it will be "sitting out" time.   

Yesterday was Mothers' Day.  Deanne came by and brought Chinese food for our lunch.  Awesome!  Did most of you spend the day with family?  Thanks to technology (messages and phone) I enjoyed time with my other children too.  

They are advertising a new game on TV.  "Bingo Blitz."  I'll have to look it up because I enjoy bingo.  I used to go play Bingo every week.  I miss that now.  And it wasn't just the game.  It was all the people and the atmosphere.  It was a fun place to be.

"Twiggy" hasn't grown much since it was planted in a pot outside.  I thought for sure it would be twice as big by now, but it's not so.  

The mail has come, and with it two new catalogues.  I get a catalogue of sorts in my mail almost every day.  Most of them are for clothes.  This is interesting because I don't buy my clothes through the mail.  However, I do enjoy looking through them.

I found a very interesting article about Hot Cocoa and thought I'd share it with you.  I was not aware of this information.

Now I'm going to get a bottle of cold water and enjoy reading your blogs.  So, till Wednesday, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

I had a lovely Mother's Day. Went to our daughter's house and one of the two granddaughters were there. We went out to eat and then enjoyed their hot tub and lots of conversation. Very relaxing and rewarding. My son usually texts me a greeting but called this year. I guess at 51 he's starting to realize that family is important. It was unexpected and much appreciated.

smiekeltje said...

Oh, great idea of Deanne to bring you Chinese food. I bet you enjoyed it fully!
Perhaps it doesn;t look if Twiggy grows, but she sure looks healthy enough, Do you have her in the house or outside? May be a few hours outside every day could do her good too.
Today we will watch the first semi finale of the Eurovision songcontest. It isn;t that much fun as it used to be years ago, but it is entertainement.
Have fun with the catalogues, it is always nice to look them through.
Happy day,

Suemn said...

Hi Edna, we are going to have a very hot and sunny week here. My tulips have just today bloomed and they are so pretty. Twiggy will enjoy the warmer weather heading your way and she may start growing a little bit more. I love Chinese food!

Beth Reed said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day to you and thank you for the article of the hot chocolate. I will give it a try because I sometimes get weary of coffee and teas and I love hot chocolate.
Twiggy looks a lot fuller so maybe she is growing in width and will shoot up in a couple more weeks.
Your Chinese food sounds so appealing right now. I know that you enjoy your Chinese food and I am glad that you were able to have some to enjoy. Deanne is so good to you and comes up with so many fun things for you.
Have a Blessed day and I will try to call tomorrow afternoon or Friday. It has been busy here with Medical stuff. Hugs, xoxoxo.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Belated Mother's Day wishes to you, Edna, and glad to read you had a lovely day with Chinese food and calls.