Friday, October 8, 2021

It's Pumpkin Season

October 8, 2021

Good morning.  Tis sunny and just a bit nippy this morning.  I slept late this morning and it felt really good. 

I realize I haven't put up my October calendar yet, but that's because I set my exterior hard drive down one day and haven't been able to find it since.  Boo Hoo!  So, this morning, I took a photo of the October page to share with you. 

Today is "Everything Under $10 Day" on the ShopLC channel so I thought I would watch it for a while.  Unfortunately, there is one female host who really plucks my last hair with her very loud shenanigans.  She's not a young person, so her noisy behavior is rather distracting.  (hooting and hollering)  Well, at least to me anyway.   So, I turn the volume down very low and I get to see all the bargains.

Well, last evening I finished my new book "Behind The Scenes."  Awesome!  I'm going to package them up and send them to a friend of mine.  Her hands don't work so good anymore so she can't do her crafts, but she can still read.  I know she'll enjoy these books.

Tis the season when folks are buying pumpkins to display around their house and yard.  What will you do with the pumpkin when it is time to get rid of it?  Did you know that it is good for animals?  Do smash it open and put it out for the wildlife in your area.

Yesterday, I did a bit of crocheting.  I put a couple more rows on the doggie blanket, and it's looking rather pretty.  Here's  photo of what I have done so far.  Sorry that the red and green colors just don't come out as pretty as they really are.  In reality, they are darker and the white is whiter.

Today, I'd like to finish the pockets and maybe even sew them on to the wraps.  Or maybe I'll go online and try to finish up a bit of my gift shopping.  We'll see.  Last night, I tried shopping for a while, and I found so many different ideas that I bought nothing.  Now that's sad.  I had something specific in mind, but found so many different versions of it that I could not make up my mind.  

Well, the morning is slipping by me and it's time for me to enjoy some blog reading.  So, till Sunday, Y'all stay safe and have a fantabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Good to have at times a longer sleep.
Isn;t it terrible what kind of voices there are sometimes on commercials or shop tv? Very annoying and yes too loud at times not pleasant to listen too.
Your blanket looks so pretty.
And your friend will be happy to receive those books. You are such a lovely and thoughtfull person.
Today will be a recover day again for me, yesterday I didnlt feel perky at all, but now already much better. One day of easy going and all will be well, nothing to worry about.
It's har sometimes to decide what to buy if there are so many options, I know the diffculty, hahaha. But in the end always something good comes out of it.
Have a wonderful day,

Theresa said...

Beautiful afghan! I love the colors, Christmasy:) There is a lady who advertises on one of our channels. I mute her every time:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS! (great idea on the pumpkins)

Steve Reed said...

Pumpkin seeds are a dewormer? I never knew that! Love the afghan -- it's definitely in keeping with the holidays!

My Tata's Cottage said...

what a colorful afghan. Beautiful. Oh the October photo makes me smile each time I see it. Such a precious pup. So loved and cherished.
My friend Carole shared the pumpkin too. They have a cabin int he woods so they see lots of lifewild. Always learning new things. I LOVE it!