Monday, February 12, 2018

Happy First BIrthday Carmelo

February 12, 2018

Good morning.  Tis gray outside right now, and the temperature is 42F degrees.  The gray isn't so bad though when the temps are warm like this.  We did not get as much rain yesterday as we thought we might, but there are still lots of puddles everywhere. 

Did you remember to get all your valentines ready for delivering?  Or mailing?  Valentines Day is only two days away.  Pogo is so excited that he has had his ready for weeks.  Of course, I can't take him out to deliver them, so he mailed them.  He's such an awesome little guy.

A couple days ago, my youngest great grandchild turned one year old.  Here are a couple photos of Carmelo enjoying his special day.  Happy Birthday Carmelo.  I hope your future is happy and awesome.

Saturday, my Pogo gave me a wicked scare.  His little body started making weird jerky movements and it wouldn't stop.  I called the hospital and daughter Deanne drove us there.  The movements stopped before we got there, and thankfully haven't started up again. 

However, he did have to have some tests done.  Yesterday the doctor called to say that most everything looks good, but she needed to run another test to make sure.  This one is for Addison's disease.  I gave permission, and today we are hoping for the results.  I'm praying my little guy is okay.  He doesn't need anymore grief or hurt in his life. 

My friend Mary Ann's hubby, Gene, recently had knee replacement surgery and is home now to recuperate.  I'm wishing you a speedy recovery, Gene.  Another friend, Angelica,  is bed ridden and recuperating from a long sickness.  Pogo sends woofs to you, Angelica for a speedy recovery.  I hope you are both up and around soon.

The trash collection trucks were here earlier, and since then I've been watching one of our trash barrels rolling in and out of the street.  I wonder would it be such a big thing for these guys to stand the barrels up just the way they found them?

Oh, oh.  Sounds like my grumpy is coming on.  Time for me to leave and have a bottle of juice.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Mary Ann Roesler said...

WOW...look at all that hair on Carmelo! Thanks for the "shot out" for Gene. He's doing well and hasn't had any strong pain meds 6 hours and also went to his 1st PT appointment today. Hope your coughing goes away soon...sunshine and Florida still waiting for you. One of my friends was told to put gentle heat on her throat and a scarf over it. It worked for her. Enjoy my friend...will send you a car coloring as soon as he can feel like doing it!

Mary Ann

LV said...

Always enjoy you and your Pogo's activity for the day. Would not enjoy the snow and cold tho.
That is way I do not have a pet now. It is like giving up a family member. After we lost the last one( many years ago), no more for me. Stay well.

Angelicastar said...

Carmelo is an Angel. It's doesn't take many months for the babies to grow up these days. Maybe it's something in the water. (lol) OOOOhhhhh, my Pogo is sick. I hope it's nothing serious. My little girl babs had diarrhea last week. I went online to see if she could take Pepto bismol and it worked for her. It's hurtful when our fur babies are ill. I told my son if she doesn't get better I would be taking her to the doctor. Queen and Milo are doing great. Let Pogo know we are wishing him a speedy recovery and hope it's minor. I will come back to see if you post the results of his test. Milo have been doing great since I had to carry him to ER 2 years ago. He was abused and starved and it was causing him to bleed from his stool. I wouldn't give my boy up for nothing in this world. He gained weight and is very active now. Or may I say a spoiled fur baby. Have a great day