Monday, January 30, 2017

Whatever Happened To The "Directions On How To Use"?

January 30, 2017

Good morning.  Tis another sunny and cold winter day here in my little part of New England, and my flag is dancing away in the breeze.  I had planned on going out this morning to do a couple errands, but I have to stay in and wait for the fuel delivery.  No problem, Pogo and I will do our errands tomorrow. 

Yesterday, Pogo had his annual check up, and we got his new travel paper.  When his doctor came into the exam room, she was so surprised at how good and young Pogo looks.  After the exam, she said that Pogo is in very good health.  Woo Hoo!!!  My little guy will be eleven years old in April, but he still thinks (and acts like) he's a puppy. 

This morning I took a photo of the fascinating book that I'm reading, just in case anyone wants to look up a copy.  It's really hard to put the book down because it is full of such interesting articles. 

Did you know that in 1907, Fort Dodge, Iowa, passed a law requiring everyone from ages 25 to 45 to wed?  Or that America's first "sparkling water" was made using sulfuric acid and marble chips left over from New York City's St. Patrick's Cathedral?

The mail was just delivered, along with a box containing my new portable nebulizer.  I checked this out and it has left me quite confused.  The user manual doesn't tell you much about the unit except for all the things you should never do with it.  It comes with little filters, but I'll be darned if I know what to do with them or where they go.  I guess I'll have to call the company that I bought it from and ask a few questions. 

Ever wonder why manufacturers call that little booklet/leaflet that comes with their products a "user manual"?  There's usually not very much information in it about how to use the product.  A lot of these companies don't even have a manual in printed form.  I did find a company on-line who will print you out a copy of a manual (for a fee, of course).  But that's usually only for things like phones, tablets, etc. 

I borrowed an image that I found on the web to share with you.  When my brother and I were kids, our mother taught us to always kiss her good bye when we would leave the house to go to school or somewhere else.  She always said "You never know if you'll see me again."  Her mom and her had an argument one morning before my mother left for school.  My mother was twelve years old, and she never saw her mother alive again.  Her mother was only forty years old.

I taught this to my kids too.  Always kiss me hello and goodbye and say "I love you."  You just never know.  This is a good rule to practice.

Well, I'm off now to make my phone call and get a few things done while I'm waiting for the fuel delivery.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


LV said...

Well done! I agree with you hold hardly.

Nani said...

The image you shared is awesome advice!

I've most recently had the opposite problem you have with instruction manuals. I got an additional sling for my lift. So, it's the same sling that I had, just an extra one. I have the user manual for the first sling, the second sling, which they sent in the wrong size, and the sling which replaced the one that was in the wrong size. Three manuals; three BOOKS. They have an actual half inch thick book to tell you how to use the sling for a lift. And yes, for appliances that you don't use every day and may need instructions to use you get a scrawny pamphlet. Why?

Hey there's a chapter in here about making sure use the same color straps on the sling so you don't get crooked... :)

Hugs, Nani