Monday, January 2, 2017

Late Night Cooking

January 2, 2017

Good morning. Tis cloudy today, but the temperature should be in the low 40's.  I guess the cold weather snap will be coming in later toward the end of the week.  I can handle that.  Supposedly, it will only last a few days, then temps will be back up in the 30's. 

Goodness, Pogo is developing quite a sweet tooth!  I have to be careful when I go into the  refrigerator.  Pogo watches me very carefully to see if I'm going to be taking the cheesecake out to snack on.  If I do take it out, he is right at my side waiting for his share.  Who'd a thunk it??

We had a nice quiet day yesterday.  After napping for a while, we watched TV, and I started another scarf.  These new crochet hooks are really quite comfortable to use.  Thank you MaryAnn.  I've put them all in the new case that I ordered for them, and they'll go right into my suitcase when I pack for Florida. 

I fell asleep early last night, so when I woke up in the middle of the night I figured I'd get up and do something.  I boiled a batch of eggs.  After they cooled a bit, I took the shells off and put the eggs in the fridge.  This morning, I'll make egg salad.  Mmmm, sounds good.  I haven't had egg salad for quite a few months. 

While I was in a busy mood, I took a couple of boneless chicken breasts out of the freezer and put them in the fridge to thaw.  Maybe we'll have these for supper.  Before going back to bed, I treated myself to an ice cream cone.  Mmmmm!

This morning I've been busy picking out photos for the front and back covers of my new blog book.  These are the two I've decided on.  I always try to pick photos taken during the same months that the blog book covers.  This book will be Volume Three for 2016.  Either I gabbed a lot, or I posted lots of photos.

I guess my next big project will have to be sorting all my papers and expenses for my taxes.  Groan, groan.  I don't have an appointment yet with the accountant, but I'm sure I'll be hearing from him soon.  As long as I can get all the paperwork done way before it's time to leave for Florida, I'll be happy.  I really really, really really, really really do not enjoy doing this!!!

Did I mention, way back in October or November, how I lost a bag with my breathing medicine in it?  My co-pay was close to $700 for the medicine so I was devastated.  Plus, I need the medicine to breath.  I turned the house upside down several times but never could find the bag of medicine. 

Thankfully, my doctor had some samples that he gave to me to get me through to the first of the year when I would be able to get new refills.  A few nights before Christmas, while I was putting presents into large carry bags to make them easier to deliver, I found the lost bag of medicine tucked in with some of the presents that I had wrapped much earlier.  Phew!!!  Talk about a huge stroke of luck!!!

That's about all my news for this morning.  Before I go, I want to share a beautiful image that I borrowed from the web.  This is for everyone who has shared so many years with their loved one.  (I'm not sure who the image belongs to)

Now I'm off to make a bowl of egg salad.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Kathy said...

So glad you found your meds. I've done that too. Now if I could only find the top my husband bought me for my birthday. I remember holding it up to myself and saying how much I liked it and... well, haven't seen it since.

Your new crochet hooks sound great. Glad you are having such luck with them.

Have a happy new year!

Mary Ann said...

"bow" of egg salad sounds artist!

Edna B said...

Thanks, MaryAnn. I fixed my "bow". haha.
Hugs, Edna B.

smiekeltje said...

waking up in the middle of the night and having appetite for something, I know that.
Sometimes we rustle up the strangest things, hey?
But egg salad sounds good and chicken filet for supper too.
Wow, you really have to be careful with Pogo around when you eat a cheesecake or something like it LOL. Too much of it will not be good for him, but a litte bit, why not?
so glad you found you meds! Now with the samples your doctor gave you, you will have a bit of extra stock.
There was some sun here, but it's disappearing. Still not really harsh winter weather, thank God. Just this week one otw two nights with a bit of frost, one day might be cold and then temps go up agian somewhat to 7 C daytime. Not spectacular, but we can handle it
In a few days it will be 6 th of january, day of the arrival of the 3 wisemen at the manger and then we can put away all Christmas decorations away again. Just thinking about it makes me tired LOL But once I get busy with it I will be allright and the "room will look "empty"again. Always it feels strange for one or two days after the removal.
Going to have a bite now and perhaps go out for a moment.
Have a wonderful day.

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Well, it has been awhile since I made it over here. I have been meaning to say thank you for the gifts ... everything arrived safely and as you saw the cats loved their mice. Izzi loves the elephant toy ... she loves it because she can shake the dickens out of it which is what she loves to do. That is her prerequisite for a good toy ... loose and floppy. My Robin is hanging on the wall next to the window where I watch the Robins eat in the summer. They stay all winter but they move over to the state park where there are a lot of berries they can eat. I have just cleaned my desk so now I have a place for my new calendar ... I think this may be the best one yet, Edna. You do keep yourself busy doing things for other people ... Thank you for being a patient friend and a good hearted person.

Izzi is doing better. She finished her sessions of water therapy and was doing well. Fortunately the weather has allowed me to keep walking her so she doesn't lose any ground before we start with the therapy again at the end of this week.

I managed to catch myself a whopper of a cold and have been under the weather for several days. I am not sure I am getting any better, but I do not it isn't worse that it was, so I am holding my own. I have to be very careful not to pass it on to my FH because he has serious lung issues and it could be a disaster.

Well, good to know you are still doing well. Hopefully I will have more time for my blogging this year ... so far, I am just too pooped. Izzi sends her love and thank yous to Pogo ... Stay well and Happy New Year, Edna ...

Andrea @ From the Sol

Unknown said...

Hi Edna,

I was finally able to sit down and catch up on your blog that I have missed for the last 3 days. Well since New Year's Eve.
I am so glad that you found your lost medicine. My lost medicine never showed up and I had a time getting that blood pressure medicine replaced. But finally I was able to get it and the worry was gone. So I am super happy for you.

Awwww my sweet little Pogo likes cheesecake and muffins... I would say that he does have a sweet tooth. Will he eat vegetables? I swear there is nothing that Cisco doesn't like but he really does enjoy green beans, broccoli and carrots when I cook them.
I am out of eggs at the moment. I forgot to add them to my grocery list. But yummm your egg salad sounds just what I would love to have this morning. Since we keep such odd hours here it is not unheard of me cooking something for the next day if it will save me time and energy.

I just love your calendar and the photos that you picked for your new blog book are fantastic. It is so good that you make these and have all of these memories and posts to reflect upon. And all of your photos are just fantastic. You do so well with a camera in your hands. I have never really been good with taking photos and since I am not photogenic I shy away from the camera most of the time.

Those great grandbabies are sure growing and a new one to look forward to. I cannot believe that Jazzie will soon be taking driving lessons. And look at Kevin, how grown up he is already! I am not sure where the time went, but it flew by quiet fast.

This comment is a little long and I will close for now because if I don't it will not let me post it so I will talk to you soon. HUGS to you and Pogo, Love Cisco and Beth