Monday, January 9, 2017

Is There A Doggie Food That Tastes Like A Freshly Cooked Steak?

January 9, 2017

Good morning.  Brrrr!  It's too cold for me!  The temperature is currently 7F degrees, and it's not supposed to get much warmer than the mid teens today.  Definitely not my cup of tea!!!  This kind of cold comes right up through the floors.  Gosh, I can't wait for Spring!!

We're supposed to have a couple days of rain and warm temperatures later this week.  I'm hoping that it melts all the snow, but somehow I just see a lot of ice when this snow starts melting.  Oh joy!

A while back I bought a roll of matting that you are supposed to put on your steps to prevent ice from forming on the steps.  The last time Cliff was here, he put the stuff down on the steps, and guess what?  When the snow on the porch roof melted a few days ago, the water dripped down on to the matting on the step and made little puddles of ice.  Hmmm, maybe this stuff doesn't really work.

Yesterday I caught up with my blog reading and my emails and finished up another crocheted scarf.  I think I should be making hats to match the scarfs.  I'll have to give that some thought.  I just won't be able to make as many scarfs as I had hoped to make.  Ah well, I just do what I can.

Pogo must be on a diet or something.  The last few days, he isn't eating as good as he should.  I've given him everything from hamburgers to steaks to meatballs to whatever other kind of meat that I have in the house.  So far, the only thing he has eaten lately is a little bit of hamburger and the steak that I cooked a couple of days ago.  I take that back.  He also ate some bacon a couple days ago. 

Today I'm going to give him some doggie food.  And maybe a piece of bacon to go with it.  I wish I could find a brand of doggie food that he would eat and enjoy.  It would make life so much easier for both of us, and a lot healthier for him.

My friend MaryAnn sent me this beautiful image of our house cat Luna resting beneath our Christmas tree.  She used a photo that I had posted, and mixed it with layers, textures and a bit of her own creativity.  This is gorgeous, MaryAnn.  Thank you, we all love it.

I also have another photo to share.  Over the holidays, Audrey and hubby Mac went to visit a taxidermy friend, and Audrey made a new friend.  This is a photo of "Ace" cuddling up to Audrey.  No matter how big doggies grow, they always love cuddling and kissing, especially with a pretty lady. 

Now I think I'll put my new fuzzy slippers on to warm up my feet, and make a hot cup of cocoa to take away the chill.  Then I think I'll try to tempt Pogo to eat something.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Hi Again Edna,

I am all caught up with your blogs! What gorgeous photos of Luna, Audrey and Ace! Our babies are so loveable. All they want is just to be loved and will be loyal for life.

I wish that I knew what to tell you about Pogo. There is a brand of dog food at Pet Co or Pet Smart called Blue or Wild Blue or something like that. It might be a bit pricy but perhaps if you went to one of the stores they might have a trial or a small sample that they will let you try. Perhaps the meat is too well done for him. I really don't know. If all else fails, buy him some baby food. A small jar of the beef or chicken or maybe the chicken and noodles or something and see if he might eat that on occasion. I also think that Pogo might be like Cisco was with the bacon treats... He is waiting on his cheesecake!!! LOL.

It is 66 degrees here today. By day after tomorrow up in the 80's. No wonder we are all sick. Hot one minute and freezing the next. I have blown my nose so much and have darn near gone thru a new box of tissues and I now have a sore in my nose. I am being extra careful when I can to avoid the sore from becoming more tender. I also need to do some cleaning of dust bunnies to clear out the fits of sneezing here and there.

Well time for me to take my boy out to potty... Not the hill mind you. I cannot do that anymore but we found a little patch that he likes so I will take him there...
Have a wonderful day... Hugs, Cisco and Beth

smiekeltje said...

Not good temperatures,brrrrrr. It is a little yoyo here at the moment, some days around 3-5C, other a bit higher or lower, could be getting freezing just a bit later this week at night. and here and there rainshowers, might become later this week snow, more in the east then in our area.
So no funny weather here either.
It is hard sometimes with our pets to find out what they want to eat.
But they also seem to have periods of it, that they eat less, or that it seems you never can figure out what they really like at the moment.
If really hungry I bet Pogo will eat some hamburger or steak and maybe even some juicy doggie food.
It is the same here with our Brodski.
of course you will have to keep an eye on him, to see if he still eats scratches every now and then.
This afternoon I will have to go to the internist for result of the ultrasound and biopsy of the thyroid. Already when they took samples, the doctor there told me she couldn;t see anything weird or concerning, so I assume it will be good news now too(hopefully, cause you never know for sure till you heard it).
Then may be home again I can fold all the Christmasblankets, and irone some little table colthes and put them away. And then think of something to eat for dinner again.
Yesterday I made paprika's stuffed with minced meat and some potatoes from the oven. Tasted good.
I almost always have company of Brodski when I am cooking, or preparing stuff. not because he loves me so much, but you never know if some little pieces of meat fall down on the floor LOL!(I often give him a some, ahhhhh).
Have a great day, hope you can get warm and stay warm!