Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Only Seventy Two Days Till Spring!!

December 4, 2017

Good morning.  Hmmm, the sun was shining a little while ago, but now it seems to have disappeared behind some clouds.  I guess it will be peeking in and out most of the day.  At least it will be warm outside.  Temps should be in the high 40's today. 

However, the cold front will coming our way after that.  This weekend will very cold, especially during the night.  Thank goodness Pogo and I have lots of fuzzy blankets!  Sunday night is supposed to be just three or four degrees above zero.  Brrr!

Yesterday I was able to accomplish a few things.  First, I ordered my new blog book.  When it gets here, I'll have twenty one blog books on the bookshelf.  You know, I always wanted to write a book.  I just never thought it would be a collection of blog books.  I always thought it might be a children's book.  Hmmm, go figure!!

I also called to order a fuel delivery.  That should be coming today, so now we'll be warm for another few weeks.  I can't wait for Spring, which should be here in seventy two more days!  I am so looking forward to sitting out on my little porch.  This will make Pogo very happy too because he loves it out there. 

DIL Janet should be coming by later after work, and I'm thinking that maybe we'll have pizza for supper.  Well, Pogo can have hamburger, although I'll cut up a little bit of my pizza to put on his plate.  Just in case.  Once in a while, Pogo likes a bit of pizza to munch on. 

Yesterday, I also shopped for a few new scrapbook kits, and I'm looking forward to spending a bit of time on my laptop making a few new quick pages.  Today I do have a new one for you.  This one is a little different from my usual ones, but I like it.  I used a collab kit that I made a while ago.   If I still have the links for the kit, I'll post them for you later in the week.

Here's your download link:

As promised, I also have the links to the Christmas quick pages that I expired before making my new blog book.  These links will be up for a few weeks.

Now I think I'll go look for some fun mischief to get into.  Maybe I'll ruffle the feathers of a few of the resident dust bunnies.  That should keep me busy for a while.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

72 days till spring. What fantastic news on this cold and dreary day. The sun was out but then it hibernated. It should be peeking in and out today.

One of my friends made me a broom by special request, She has made several in fact so that our group can take virtual rides. I am going to post it on my blog. She also added in a special request as well to another friend. You should see the new brooms!!

I am letting my dust bunnies reside until later on today when my son wakes up and starts to move around. He has been working the late shift at work and has today off so he is still resting. I am trying to be quiet. Have you ever noticed that the harder you try to stay quiet the louder you are? So far I have dropped the coffee creamer lid putting it back on, then I dropped the spoon in the sink... You of all know how noisy it is in that kitchen! I made noise going out to feed my lazy birds. They still have not come out to eat and it is 11:00 am. Then I made noise coming back in and then I tried to catch the microwave before it went off. I am sure that he will be up shortly as I am disturbing him with my "Quiet Moments".

Cant get warm. I have been trying for a few hours now and still freezing. People that I know are becoming sick with something or other. I am hoping that I am not one of those people.

I am having phone work again today so I will talk to you later on. You have a great day my friend and love to you and Pogo. Cisco is up and says "Woof" lol.... Love, Beth

smiekeltje said...

Already 21 blog books, wow, that is a lot!
But... when i think of it, when I started, well it was in 2006 if am right, so almost as long as you have a blog.
Funny, that we started it almost at the same time and that we became such good friends, even if it is on long-distance.
Ooohh, you are talking about a cold night! Well, this night we will have a cold one here. They say it will be around -3C here on the coast, and in the east of the country it good be -8 or -10C. That is cold and tomorrow temps will not come high, here may be just around the 0. Brrrr. But it will not last too long. Already on sunday temps will rise a bit again to 7C daytime.
I cannot wait till it will be Spring again. f you say it quick, 72 days, it doesn;t sound all too far away, does it????
Must hop into town centre to buy some DIY kit for Jan (he would go himself, but with still coughin(although it is a bit less) I said him to stay in). I will dress warm and then it will not be bad to be out for a while.
The dust bunnies here are having a rather good time too, LOL, well, saturday we will clear all the Christmas stuff and then vacuum cleaning and dusting will be on the planning too. So I let them have 2 more days of peace, hahahaha.
Have a wonderful day, stay warm!