Tuesday, January 3, 2017

On The Lookout For Teeny Tiny Boots

January 3, 2017

Good morning.  Tis a bit gray and wet outside this morning.  There are little puddles everywhere.  I was going to take Pogo out to walk around the yard today, but we may have to wait until tomorrow.  He does not like getting his little feet wet.  Of course, I don't blame him.  I don't care for walking barefoot in the yard when it is raining either. 

I guess I'll have to try again to find Pogo a set of tiny boots.  I have found some small ones, but they were not small enough.  His little feet are really tiny!  I'm not sure how the teeny boots will even stay on because his little legs are rather skinny.  Ah well, this can be a project for this new year. 

I'm going to have to decide whether to take Pogo's stroller to Florida this year, or whether to use a different carry case for him.  He has one carry case that has wheels and a pull handle.  Unfortunately, this one is not as much fun for him when we go anywhere.  On the other hand, maneuvering my way around at the airport and the baggage terminal isn't always easy with the stroller.  It makes it more difficult to handle my suitcase and carry-on bag.  Well, I have time to figure this one out.

Quite some time ago, I cut an article out of the newspaper about all the jobs that Walmart is cutting.  Now that it's the first of the year, a lot of folks (who work at Walmart) will be finding themselves without jobs.

And do you remember all those TV ads about how awesome they were going to be treating their employees?  About how they were going to be paying them better wages so that they (the employees) could enjoy a better way of life?  Well, to date, I haven't found anyone who actually got any of these new benefits. 

Believe me, I have asked lots of Walmart employees, and they all act like they don't know what I'm talking about.  It seems to me that all Walmart has done is do away with jobs and cut employee benefits.  Because this is such a large company, one would think that they could do better for their employees.

On a brighter note, I found a couple of really easy recipes for beauty products that I thought some of you might be interested in.

Feeling pretty doesn't have to be expensive.  We already have a lot of the ingredients in the house.  In my younger days, I used to make a lot of my own creams and herbal medicines.  Now that I'm retired and have lots of time, I don't seem to have the time anymore.  Now go figure that one out!!

My elbow and wrist are feeling much better now, and Deanne and I will be going to the shooting range again on Friday afternoon.  It's gong to feel good to be getting back to practicing.  I won't overdo though.  If my wrist starts to bother me, I'll stop using it.  (till the next time!)

Well, the mailman will be here soon, and I have a stack of bills to put out for him.  When I got up during the night last night, I used the time to pay bills.  I also crocheted for a little while before crawling back under the covers and finding my way back to dreamland. 

That's my news for this morning.  Now it's time for me to order my new blog book.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

May be it isn;t the nicest for Pogo but i think you should take the stroller to Florida that is easiest for you to handle.
And I think Pogo will forgive you!
t is hard to see how people loose their jobs because companies want to cut the costs. And in a way it is understandable, but often cutting the costs will not say they are in financial trouble. Often it is because the shareholders and directors want to have a b ig deal of the money.
And it is happening here to, lots of people loose their jobs and it isn;t easy to find another
They say, unemployment figures are going down, perhaps it is a bit, but there are way too many people struggling to find a job.
I don;t know where it will end.

I am a bit in a hurry now, because soon I must go to heidi's house to let the dogs out They had to go somewhere and couldn;t take the doggies with them, so I will give them a little walk so that they can do "their business" and they can hold on till early evening LOL.
It's blowing a bit strong wind, but perhaps I am lucky and stay dry.
This morning some rainshower(even with some hail) went over, but now sun is shining and it should stay dry in the afternoon.
So I wish you a wonderful day.

Unknown said...

Not sure how I missed your post yesterday! Maybe you hadn't posted when I had visited earlier is my guess.

I know that it is going to be hard for you to maneuver with the stroller but perhaps the airline will help you with that. For what they charge for an airline ticket they should help everyone without having to ask.
I am wondering if perhaps you could ship it to Florida and home again but that option is probably not a good option with the cost of the shipping!!!

We had boycotted Walmart for many years but when we moved over to the older apartment it was the only place that we could shop on the bus line. After we got the car we quit using them except if we had to have an item that we just really needed or wanted.
Now that we are on the other side of town we have a lot of options of where to shop and Walmart has really been history for us. Except Christmas. I wanted your gift and it was the only place that had the one that I wanted to get for you so Karyn graciously drove me to Walmart.
It is a shame that they are cutting so many jobs for their workers. Just one more reason for me not to contribute to their wealth. I seen an article a few months back where the family is so rich that they will never be able to spend all that they have but they will not help their employees. I was shocked to find the amount that each earn quarterly.

I will go for now and check back later. If you don't mind I would like to save the masks recipes that you posted. Looking for a few things to make and they sound perfect. Hugs to you and Pogo. Cisco is still asleep. He got up long enough to go potty and have breakfast and now he and Nathan are cuddled up and sound asleep. I was so cold last night that I used my heating pad and girl you should have seen how fast he climbed under the cover.... (Smile). Love, Beth