Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tomorrow's A Big Day! Turn Your TV Set On And Watch The Inauguration Of Our Next President!!

January 19, 2017

Good morning.  Well my goodness, there is a light layer of white stuff everywhere on the ground.  The snow man must have come by while I was sleeping.  Hopefully, all the snow will be gone in just a few hours.  The sun has just made an appearance, so perhaps it will melt away the snow.

I got an email this morning, alerting me about how some folks are going to be trying to sabotage the TV coverage ratings of President Trump's inauguration.  It is so very sad to see how petty and hateful some folks are.  It's time for all these "nay sayers" to pull up their big person panties and grow up. 

We have elected this man to do his best to help solve some of the problems our country is facing.  I say we should all get behind him and do what we can to help him achieve his goals for our great country.  I, for one, will be watching the inauguration tomorrow on TV.  I hope all of you will be watching too. 

About a year ago, I got a catalogue in the mail about different educational courses that were being offered.  A couple days ago I got a new copy of this catalogue.  "Great Courses" are being offered at highly reduced prices.  Here's a photo of the catalogue and a few of the courses being offered.

They have a couple of creative writing classes that I do believe I might like to order.  The classes come on either DVD or CD, and are accompanied by a text book.  It also includes free streaming to any of your devices that you might prefer.  Yup, I definitely think I'm going to order a couple classes for myself.  I love learning, and writing can be super interesting.  Okay, so I'm a nerd of sorts! 

Did I tell you that my newest blog book arrived a couple days ago?  Wowee!  This one is super!  As the years go by, so does the appearance of the blog books.  They get better and better.  So, if you're planning on making a book and  taking advantage of the latest sale, do it.  You'll be pleasantly surprised.

DIL Janet came by after work yesterday, and we had a fun evening watching the final episodes of our favorite TV program while we ate lasagna.  Mmmm, supper was quite tasty!!  But then, it always tastes better when it is shared with someone you love. 

Well, now it's time for me to get busy around here.  Oh yeah, those pesky taxes are still sitting here waiting for me.  Yuk Yuk!  So till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Kathy said...

I am with you, Edna, 100%. Whether you voted for the man or not, he's our president. This whole situation is ridiculous and I think makes us a laughing stock for other nations. Our whole culture is so spoiled and think only of themselves. I will be watching the inauguration with you.

Thank you for the link to the blog books. I am going to make a couple for myself. How nice to have it in paper form.

Hope you have a good day and hope that snow disappears before your eyes.

Angelicastar said...

I doesn't usually comment on Politics or Religion but I listen to Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church here in Houston. He is a very good motivational speaker and Godly sent person to all of us who want expression made clear in reference to what God want us to do. He make my week a lot more livable when I listen to him on Sunday. He stated one Sunday Morning that if you let God do his work on all of our problems instead of us trying to solve them ourselves, we will be a lot more happier. His words were give it to God and go get yourself some sleep. Life is too short to be getting into chaos that you can't do anything about. Remember, they did Obama, and other President elect the same way. Members of Congress also participated. We will never have 100% of the people happy with whatever is going on. There is always a protest. So we should just keeping being a class act and view whatever we want to view on television. Every house have more that one television, so let each one view what program they want to view. I will be watching to see how great the show goes. Life is a piece of work trying to stay sane this day and time and I need to keep my sanity to keep moving on in life. I didn't vote for Trump but then to there's others elected that I didn't vote for either and I watched.

smiekeltje said...

Here too will be broadcast of the inauguration. Perhaps we will watch a part of it.
Soory Edna, I say honest that Mr. Trump wouldn;t have been my choice, I am very suspicious about him. But yes, he now is the elected president and so everybody has to deal with it and hope he will do some good for the country(something that isn;t a solution on only short term but also for longer period, which is often hard to do).

Yesterday I thought i would have a lazy day and in a way I had one. But I did change the bedsheets, did the laundry, prepared supper, so that i only had to cook it, did some other little things and only then I had my lazy day LOL.
I think I will go out for a moment today, have to post an envelope to the bank with bills payed and it looks okay . It is just 3C but sun is shining so with warm jacket, hat and shawl I can have it hahaha
Some of these courses look very interesting. I am curious to hear which one you will do at the end. sometimes also hard to choose, cause there are several nice ones, but you just will be able to do one, or may be two at the same time.
Try to finish the taxes quickly, then you can get that out of your hear!
Have a lovely day,