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Friday, October 28, 2016

Going to play Cricket Again Today. Woo Hoo!

October 28, 2016

Good morning.  Have you noticed that we're running out of October?  Gosh, the time is flying by!  It seems that the only time of year that does not rush on by is the winter.  Winter weather seems to drag on and on. 

Think about it.  From April 15 to October 15, the weather is split among three seasons, Spring, Summer and Autumn.  From October 15 to April 15, we have the colder weather of Winter.  Hmmm, somehow this doesn't seem quite right.  Or maybe it's just the way an aging body might perceive it.  You think so?

It's been quiet here.  I have a list of things that I hope to do each day, and somehow I don't quite ever get to even the first item on the list.  Well, to be fair, lots of times I do accomplish at least one thing on the list.

Yesterday I crocheted for a while.  Now I have only twenty four more rows to go to finish the afghan.  Interesting, but for some reason I'm not enjoying making this particular afghan.  It's pretty, so that's not the reason.  Ah well, I'll like it once it is finished.  Then I can move on to something different.

Later this afternoon, I'm meeting Deanne at the shooting range for another go at Cricket.  Hopefully today I will be able to hit the bull's eye three times.  Now that would really make my day!  I had thought that I would stop by the bank on the way to the range, but I think I'll wait and go the bank tomorrow so that Pogo can go with me.  He enjoys going to the bank, and the folks there enjoy seeing him too. 

Today, I think I'll put the new plant shelf together and get it set up in the kitchen pantry.  Then I have some calls to make to figure out what to do about the refrigerator.  You know, I bought my refrigerator in 1997, and it is still working just fine.  On the hand, neither of the refrigerators out in the main house are older than six or seven years.  Makes me wonder why some folks are so careless.

Tomorrow I have to buckle down and get creative on my computer.  I have a card to finish, and another quick page to make.  Then I really must get serious about working on my calendar.  I also have to wrap and package my daughter Laura Jean's birthday gifts and get it to the post office.

I found a beautiful crochet jacket pattern on line, but I was not able to copy the pattern.  Once I finish a couple projects this weekend, I'll look again for the pattern.  However, I did find a cute pattern for a retro pin-up headband that I would like to try.

The morning is flying by, and it's time for me to rustle up something tasty for brunch.  (I did not have breakfast this morning, so I'll have an early lunch.)  Tuna salad is sounding pretty good.  On that note I'll take my leave.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Tuna Salad does sound good. I have tuna. I have everything to make it so perhaps that is what I will do as well for dinner tonight. The boys love tuna salad. It is really the only fish that I will eat.

Love the retro head band. I remember when they were really popular back in my high school years. I have a color to put on my hair and rinse away some of the gray but I think that I will do it a little later on in the coming week. I need a trim pretty badly so I may try and do that and a color at the same time. I cut my nails back. They were getting so long that it was hard to type with them.

Have fun at the firing range today and I hope that you will hit the bulls eye every time. Last night I did not make it to the Halloween Party. We went over to my daughter's house instead and I discovered along the way an Archery Range. I use to be really good at it and I am going to check into it for Jonathan and I. He showed some interest in it. I need to research it a little bit tho. See if the prices are affordable.

Have an awesome day and take care. Give Pogo my loves... Cisco is getting his winter coat. Odd that he is as it is still hot here many days. I found his brush so he is getting a bath and brushed today.
Love Beth and Cisco....

smiekeltje said...

Yes, winter often seems to last for almost ever.
But for now we have to consider ourselves kind of lucky, with raterh quiet weather and temps around 15C daytime Although it will change somewhere next week, they will probably not reach mor than 10C. Too low for me, to be honest LOL
Hope you have a great time at the shooting range and that you will hit bulls eye!
My pizza yesterday tasted ever so well.
Have a lovely day,