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Monday, May 19, 2014

Yeah! My Lilacs Are Blooming!

May 19, 2014

Good morning.  At 5:30 a.m. it's cloudy outside.  No sun yet, but the weatherman says we will have a sunny warm day with temps around 68F degrees.   This will be nice because Pogo and I want to go out to do a couple of errands. 

 Last night the Mrs behaved fairly well.  Sometimes when she is going into her "cranky" mode, I can divert her attention to something that she is interested in.   So far, this has been successful all weekend.  This is good because it makes it more pleasant to be here at work. 

As I sit here typing, I'm noticing the sun creeping across the tops of the trees across the street.  What a really pretty sight.  However, there is quite a breeze because all the tree branches are moving. 

I have been looking everywhere for a red, white and blue variegated yarn but haven't had much luck.  Yesterday, I checked JoAnn's on line site, and not only did I find the yarn, but they were having a one day only sale of 25% off all yarn in stock.  Not only did I get the yarn at a great price, but I got free shipping too.  Not a bad deal at all! 

Once that yarn gets here, I can pick up the matching shades of solid red and blue yarns.  I've been wanting to make an afghan with patriotic colors.  At some point, I'd also like to make something with a very pretty lime green yarn that I found.  It looks like I'll be busy for quite some time.

Today I have some photos of my new flower planters.  This first one is "Piggy".   Such a cutie pie to greet anyone who comes to my door.  The  second planter is a rooster, whose legs collapsed under the weight of the dirt and plants.  No problem, he now roosts in my "Welcome" plant stand.

Two of the new garden ornaments double as a decoration and a bird bath.  One is a peacock, and the other is a flamingo.  They look so pretty in the garden, and give the birds (and Chippy) a place to stop for a drink of water.

Last, but not least, my beautiful new lilacs are blossoming.  Oh my, I love lilacs.  It's too soon to pick them as the bushes are still quite small, but they look so pretty in the yard.

An update on Kevin -- he is recovering nicely from the pneumonia, and is still playing baseball.  This is his first love, and there's not much that will stop him from playing ball with his teammates.  He hasn't missed one game. 

Well, that's about all my news for this morning.  Pretty soon it will be time for me to start packing up my things and get ready to go home.  My little guy is waiting there, and will shower me with lots of doggie hugs.  Goodness, what a great way to start a day!  So, till  tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Anonymous said...

Love the bird baths !!!!!!!! Edna, did you know that you can lighten containers that are deeper than they need be for plant roots. You can fill with styrofoam peanuts rather than stones or heavy stuff for drainage. Really lightens the pot --- I did it for years after reading the hint in a magazine & it was great & helped in moving heavy pots. Enjoy the bright blue sky day. Donna

Debby said...

I love some whimsy in a garden. That pig is too cute.

smiekeltje said...

Those planters are just awesome!!
And so are the birds serving as birthbaths too!
You must have loads of yarn at the moment LOL!
But as I always say: it keeps us busy.
Glad Kevin is recovering from his pneumonia, but he should be a little careful not to do too much baseball, his body probably needs a lot of energy for the recovering. It helps he is still young.
The Mrs. receives good behaviour points from me this time LOL.
Your lilac is looking beautiful. I would like to have one, but for the moment I don;t have enough room for it, so that will have to wait.
Today finally i will go to have a haircut, and oh, boy, that is needed!!! Love the feeling afterwards, makes you feel so light and happy ROFL.
Have a great day.