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Friday, May 9, 2014

Hang It And They Will Come

May 09, 2014

Good morning.  No sunshine expected today, just a lot of clouds and some rain.  But, the temps will still be fairly warm, so that's okay.  The gardens and the lawn need a bit of rain. 

Yesterday I did not finish all the shredding, but we did get to walk around the yard a bit.  And, later in the afternoon Joe and I did a bit of food shopping.  I do have to go back to Walmart later today though.  My prescription was not ready and I want to do a bit of clothes shopping for my daughter Laura Jean.

I do hope my box of yarn gets here today because I'm anxious to get the next afghan started so that I can work on it over the weekend at work.  As long as these old hands will hold up, I want to keep on crocheting because it is so very relaxing. 

I bought a thistle sock the other day, and Joe hung it up by the bird feeder.  Remember the movie saying "Build it and they will come"?  Well that is what I had in mind.  I was so hoping to attract more of these beautiful golden finches to our yard, and thought this just might do the trick.  Yesterday as I was walking by the kitchen window, I saw two beautiful golden finches enjoying lunch on the sock.  Yeahhhhh!!!

Isn't it wonderful when little things like this can make a person so happy?  I would miss my birds something wicked if they were not here.  Their chirping is music to my ears.

I have another photo to share this morning.  This one was taken Wednesday evening when DIL Janet was here.  Pogo was wanting her to put down her crocheting and play with him.  I think he got his message across.  The photo is a bit fuzzy, but I like it anyway.

Today I think I'll do a bit more of the shredding, and then maybe I'll just curl up in my comfy lounge chair and do a bit of crocheting and watch some TV.   These are great rainy day activities.

I have a couple of cute bird figurines for the garden, so maybe tomorrow I can go out and take some photos.  Also, our blossoming cherry tree is beginning to blossom.  I'll definitely want to get a few photos of this too. 

Well, that's it for this morning.  Till Sunday, Y'all be warm and have a wonderful weekend.

Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

You continue to inspire me! I just placed on order with Keepsake Quilting for some precut squares to use for a pattern I've had for some time now. This should make the project much easier.

Seeing your gold finch feeding on the sack reminded me to dig out my other bird feeding stuff and now I need to pick up some finch seed.

I saw a hummingbird the other day, so that needs to get filled up and hung as well.

I think I'll buy two shepherd hooks and suspend some kind of bar between them to hang bird feeders on.

The birds here at Goose Island are almost tame and allow you to get pretty close to them, they're used to everyone feeding them.

Now if the weather would just warm up and the threat of rain to away, but it looks like it's going to be cool and wet for the coming week.

Debby said...

Did I scare you out on the shredding. Just don't let it get overheated or paper stuck in it. Happy Mothers Day.

smiekeltje said...

Our pets do have their ways to get our attention, if they want it hey?
Just a bit like Pogo our cat is acting. When I am at the couch, knitting, he sometimes comes in and jumps at the couch , then wriggles himself onoto my lap and starts turning and turning around. Nothing all too worng with that, but every time I get his tail almost into my face and his but is so close to my needles that I cannot see the stitches anymore. Oh so practical LOL!
I am so jealous of you having so many birds coming to your feeders! I did see some tomtits flying around, I think some of them have a nest in a big tree very close to our garden. But I didn;t spot them yet on our feeder. May be I will have to hang it on another spot.
Rather rainy and windy here at the moment. So good time today to do some more knitting.
Have a lovely weekend dear!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Love the photos of the birds, I too, would miss my birds not singing each morning and evening, I have lots of finches, wrens and 4 kinds of doves, some cow birds, some black birds, blue jays and cardinals, every once in awhile I see a woodpecker and the mockingbird aggravates all of them and especially the kitty cats.
Cute photo of Janet with Pogo, I am now typing around Oreo who wants some attention, so guess I will stop for now and pet the poor neglected baby....LOL! Hugs, Mat