Friday, November 22, 2013

Whoopee! The Coffee Is Beginning To Taste Better!

November 22, 2013

Good morning.  It's gray and rainy here in New England.  Seems like whenever we get a day that is not so cold, it rains.  Ah well, it's better than flooding and several feet of snow, so I'm not going to be grumbling very much.

Good news, my coffee is tasting somewhat better this morning.  I surely do hope that it is a good sign of healing.  I am  growing weary of feeling crappy.  The only good thing about feeling crappy is that it is definitely better than pushing up daisies.

I'm watching the news on the Weather Channel, and it is about the large groups of turkeys in some urban areas.  These folks are wondering how these turkeys got there.  They're thinking that someone must have brought them there. 

Well DUH!!  No one brought the turkeys there.  Man used up all the wildlife areas to put up more shopping strip malls and other buildings.  Man is neglectful of showing respect for our wildlife.  When you destroy or take away all the animals' homes, they naturally have no choice but to try to adapt to living among you.  If you don't want them running through your yards and business areas, then leave their homelands alone.  There is room for all of us.

My energy burst did not fare too well yesterday.  I washed a few scatter rugs that have been waiting patiently for me to put into the washer.  Someone peed on them  (Gosh, I wonder who?) and I  finally got around to getting them clean again.

In the afternoon, I did get another couple of gifts wrapped, but then I petered out.  Even though I did get a small nap, it did not help me last night.  Just before one of my favorite TV programs was ready to start, I  got all comfy in my lounge chair with a blanket and a cold bottle of water.  Then I promptly fell asleep.  What else is new?  Thank goodness for my DVR.  I can watch my program this morning.

For photos today, I have some that I took a few days ago of my Christmas Cactus.  When several blossom open at once, this is a truly beautiful plant.

Well, that's all my news for today.  I'm going to take my cup of coffee and settle into my lounge chair to enjoy my show, Project Runway All Stars.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Well good for you ... the coffee is tasting better and you are taking naps. You are doing all of the right things and it is paying off.

I'm with you on your rant about greedy humans who are unwilling to preserve land for the wildlife ... all they can see is dollar bills, and you can see where that got them ... everywhere you look there are empty strip malls because they over did it and in poor economic times consumers can't support them. Do you think they learned anything ... I doubt it. What is worse it the corporations who want to run dirty oil in pipelines under or near or drinking water aquifers and the mining companies who want to strip miles of land and now they are trying to start a huge strip mine in the pristine wilderness of Alaska. I keep wondering, why arn't all of the people (the normal every day people) rising up in arms. How do they sit back and allow these things to happen. Is it that we have lost our voice ... or have we already handed control over to the corporate money grabbing world. Oh, Edna, so sorry to rant on your time ...

Love your Christmas cactus ... unfortuately house plants are doomed in my house with our ornery cat population. But I love looking at yours.

I have a few posts to get ready then I am off to the store to buy the items I forgot when I went on Wednesday ... things like cat food, duh, how do I forget things like that. Well anyway, you keep up your awesome recovery. I agree we don't want you pushing up any daisies. Stay well ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

The Queen Jester said...

Good...the coffee is getting better and that means you're getting better as well.
Your cactus is lovely, I've never had any luck with those in the past so I always admire those who can grow them.

smiekeltje said...

Yeah, coffee tastes a bt better again! You are back on the good track. and I agree, feeling crappy isn;t nice, but always better than the other option LOL!
My dear, slowly does the trick in all so when you are able to do a few things during a day, be happy you did those. The other chores will have to wait for another day, and who cares too much about that???
I just read about the turkeys on our teletexte, LOL! Someone couldn;t bare to have the turkey(or several) as dinner, so probably let them free. Poor creatures. being free is good okay, but not in the city! You are right about us humans, taking away the natural living space for the animals, so they have no other option than to try to make a survial amongst us.
I wonder when will people( and then I mean all of them) learn???
You cactus is wonderful. Ours has no bloom at the moment, but perhaps it will start doing so again after some time.
Have a great day!