Monday, November 18, 2013

Mandarin Orange Monday

November 18, 2013

Good morning.  Well, this is day two of feeling a bit more human.  Sad to say, the sky was all clouds, so there was no moon to entice me outside with my camera at 3 a.m.  Darn!  I was so hoping for another "moon shoot". 

On a tasty note, Saturday morning's cup of coffee tasted like swamp water.  One sip and I dumped the whole cup out.  Then I made a pitcher of orange juice (frozen concentrate).  I really hate to tell you what this tasted like.  Again, one gulp and down the drain with the rest. 

Sunday morning's coffee tasted a tad bit better.  Not quite swampy, more like dirty dish water.  Yuk!!  I drank about a third of it before dumping it out.  Thank goodness my cereal tasted better.  Not quite as good as I would have liked, but at least edible. 

Before I tried the orange juice again, I asked Joe to try it first.  He said it tasted pretty good, so I gave it another try.  I struggled with it, but I did finally finish the whole glassful.  The good news is that this morning's cup of coffee is drinkable.  It almost tastes like coffee.  I may even have a second cup later this morning. 

You can tell that I'm feeling a bit better this morning, because I've just spent an hour playing on my laptop.  Today is Mandarin Orange Monday.  I used a photo of my Christmas Cactus bloom, separated the bloom from the background, applied a texture overlay from H.G. Designs and a gradient and several blending modes in Photoshop.  Next I used a few of the elements from one of Kyra's kits "Without A Sound".  So, this is my contribution to M.O.M.

As promised, here are some photos of yesterday morning's (3 a.m.) moon. This first shot is the moon once some of the clouds moved on by.  The second photo is a close up of this shot.


This photo is how the moon looked as I stood in my driveway looking upwards.  You can see part of one of the tree branches and a corner of my roof.

This is a close-up shot that I thought was quite pretty.   The moon was moving and more clouds were going by, making the moon visible near the tips of the top branches on one of my trees. 

 When I came back in the house from taking these photos, my little fellow was curled up in his bed waiting for me.  Dang it all, he's just a cutie pie!!

Okay, that's enough for this morning.  I still have a bit of blog reading to do, not to mention catching up with the tons of email that are waiting for me to go through.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe, and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

A sure sign of recovery when the coffee starts to taste good again. Glad to hear it Edna ... glad to have you back.

And from the looks of your MOM picture, I would say you are going full speed ahead. Love the moon pictures too. Just can't keep a good woman down, right?

I am going out this morning to try to pick up our leaves with the lawn mower ... Our big tree hasn't dropped yet, but my leaves are starting to blow in other peoples yards, so I guess I need to do my civic duty and clean them up. As I sit here doing my comments, you realize I am using you to procrastinate over this job ... I really hate the idea of it. But, we must do, what we must do:)

I signed up for a little Art class at my friend Julie's Coffee Shop. It is Zentangle, which I have done before, but they are calling it something else ... relaxation art, I think. I love the idea of relaxing so I am going to give it a shot. Maybe I will post my results ... or not:)

Best get myself going so I can get this job over with. You have another good recouperative day Edna ... love that little Pogo ... endless cuteness :)

Andrea @ From The Sol

Karen said...

I'm battling a similar bug, and I can't taste anything. I love your first photo, amazing what one can do with Photoshop! Your little fellow is a cutie!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

I'm glad you are feeling a little better. Hope you keep improving daily! Lovely photos of the moon and the trees and the snow and MOM, but the cutest ones are those of sweet little Pogo, he looks so silky and soft with his shiny coat and just adore all his sweaters/jackets.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving such nice comments. I think I have finally gotten caught up with all my "special friends"!
You and Pogo have a terrific week ahead...I am going to do some major cleaning up and lots of shredding to do...that will keep me busy all this week! ROFL!
Chat more with you on next visit, in the meantime, keep on photographing and blogging...but, most importantly get totally well!
Hugs, Mat

Nani said...

Yay for coffee that tastes almost like coffee! But maybe the clouds last night are a sign to take it easy on 3AM jaunts outside until you’re up to 100%, or at least 90!

Great Photoshop work! If there was a Christmas Cactus that boomed orange, you’d have it in a heartbeat. (If I found one, I’d send it to you!)

I love your moon shots, especially the one with the top of the tree; beautiful artistic shot. So, Pogo doesn’t do the 3AM moon-hunting, huh? ;)

Have a great day and keep getting better!

Hugs, Nani

aquascrap said...

Good to hear you are on the mend and hope each day will bring you closer to getting back to normal. I hear ya about the taste of coffee when you're not feeling well......that's when I drink tea.

I absolutely love your photos of the moon. I just wish I could get great photos like you do.

Pogo as always looks too cute. Love how he loves to snuggle in his fluffy blanket.

Hope you have a good week and stay on the road to wellness.

Judy xx

The Queen Jester said...

It's always a good sign when the taste buds return. Let's hope you continue to progress more and more each day until you are fully recovered.

smiekeltje said...

It's good news your coffee starts to taste again like coffee! This has to go on for some more days now, meaning that you are probably and hopefully on the mend.
Already good sign that you felt up to post again and play a bit on your laptop!
stubborn girl you are and always will be LOL. Waking up at 3 a.m., okay, that can happen, but in your situation it's not the best to go out for some moonshots. Take an example to Pogo: he may wake up but stays put and so it has to be ROFL.
Anyway all signs are there that you will recover from that nasty bug/virus, but be careful still and take good care of yourself.!
You have a wonderful day, lots of rest and naps are still a good thing to do!

Lmkazmierczak said...

Feel better soon! Lovely moon shots♫♪

lorik said...

It is great that your coffee is starting to taste good again... I really look forward to my first cup and would hate that disappointment. On the subject of juice, I am trying to be healthy by having veggie juice... lots o f kale (very YUK if too much ) and other unusual combinations. I am getting better at adding more of the nicer sweet stuff now though.

And as for your MoM really is lovely and it is so nice you managed to do it when you still weren't feeling well. The combination of colours is really interesting. Love your moons too:)
Thanks again Edna, for being part of Mandarin Orange Monday:)