Saturday, November 2, 2013

Set Your Clocks Back Tonight Before Going To Bed

November 2, 2013

Good morning.  Gosh what a tough sleeping night it was all night.  I think I was probably over tired, and when that happens sleep just does not come easily.  I did finally manage to get a few hours early this morning. 

The winds and heavy rains came through on and off yesterday and last night.  There are leaves everywhere in my yard.  Once everything dries out, it will take a while to get it all swept up and bagged.  Today is supposed to be another fairly warm day.  Yesterday was around 70 F degrees, and today should be around 64 F degrees.  Tonight the cool temps will move back in.

I cut a couple of interesting articles out of the newspaper a few days ago to share here.  The first one has a headline that reads:  "Police: Shock collar used to punish girl."   These collars are used to discipline barking dogs.  The adult in question is being charged with third-degree assault, risk of injury to a child and conspiracy to commit cruelty.

I'm not going to argue these charges.  HOWEVER, if this is the case, why is it okay to use these nasty contraptions on our doggies?   Why is it okay to promote violence against our animals?  For a lot of us, our pets are like children, part of our family.  Why do we feel that these contraptions are good for our pets and bad for our human kids?  Let's be fair folks.  If the collars are harmful, they should be banned for ALL USE. 

The other article that I cut out was mostly for the humor and absurdity in it.  It seems that a woman who was a government worker in her country, was in a motel having sex when a glass light fitting above the bed fell onto her face, injuring her nose and mouth.  She later suffered depression and was unable to continue working for the government.  She was suing for work  related disability insurance.  A high court finally disapproved her claim.

Now honestly!  Over the past thirty or forty years, the human population has become so "sue happy".  It seems to be the easiest way to get unearned monies when we are broke.  In my lifetime, I've known lots of people who make their living doing stuff like this.  I think it is shameful.  I was always taught that when you want money, you find a job and earn it.  I was also taught that you always are supposed to take responsibility for your own actions. 

Enough.  Today I posted these layouts in our Photography Plus forum at Digital Whisper with a Word document explaining how to use selective coloring in photos. 

Here's the Word document with the information on how to do this in Photoshop.  I've transferred it here the best I can.  I hope you can use it.

Color Change Information
Alice In Wonderland Color Change

A - Original photo
* make duplicate layer.

B - Photo turned B&W
* go to Image>Adjustments>Black & White.

C - Some original color brought back
* make duplicate layer.
* use eraser tool to erase the areas where  you want the color back.
Christmas Cactus Color Change

A - Original photo
make duplicate layer

B - color fuschia changed to yellow
* go to Image>Adjustments>Replace Color.
 * place color picker on color you wish to change.
* in bottom box, move slider to color desired. Click "OK".

C - Change background photo B&W
*use magic wand or quick selection tool and click on the colored part of photo you want
 to keep - in this case the flowers.
*go to Layer>New>Layer via copy  - this will  give you a layer with just the colored portion.
*activate first layer (original).
*make a duplicate copy, then turn off original layer.
*go to Image>Adjustments>Black & White.
The Sky Color Change

A - Original photo
*Make duplicate layer

B - Change color of sky
*go to Image>Adjustments>Replace Color.
*place color picker on color you wish to change (the sky)
*in bottom box, move slider to color desired.  Click "OK".

Now I have to get busy here and get dressed.  I have a new contractor coming by soon to give me an estimate to finish the work that the first contractor walked out on.  I will have to deal with the first guy later once things are finished around here. 

Daylight savings ends tonight at midnight, so don't forget to set your clocks back before you go to bed tonight.  Till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

I agree with your thoughts on the shock collar. It especially bothers me that it would be easy to put too much on too little an animal. Don't even get me started on the idiots that might use this to have "some fun" with an animal.
I enjoyed your photoshop lesson and will try it out this evening. I tend to work on this when it's dark and he's watching some stupid thing on TV that I'm trying to ignore.

Debby said...

The shock collars and the ones for the electric fence. I know they are also called shock collars. I don't like either. I just couldn't do that to my dog. If I lived where they were in real danger, I might consider......but as long as I can choose to live where I want to, that won't happen.
I love your scrapbook computer work. I don't have a printer.....can you believe that.
It was a beautiful day here as well. Our weather seems to be a lot alike. Have a nice Sunday.

smiekeltje said...

True that being too tired makes it sometimes difficult to get a decent sleep. Hope that tonight you will have a bit more sleep.
Oh fun, dealing with another contractor, I am sure you cannot wait till it happens LOL!
I don;t like those shock collars either. If you want to discipline your dog, you will have to start with it as a puppy or as soon as you have your dog. But not in this way! And the collar was used on the girl, shame on the police.!
We are heaving some more autumn weather lately, specially more wind and also rain showers. Temps are still not too bad for time of year, if it could stay like this through the winter I would be a happy person.
Have a lovely Sunday!