Saturday, November 23, 2013


November 23, 2013

Good morning.  I've read a few emails, and now I'm having my coffee.  I'm watching a program on TV called "Secret Societies Of Hollywood".  Oh my, what naughty people live in Hollywood.  The drugs and the ugliness is just awful.  It's so sad that our people can't enjoy the glamour and stardom without falling into the pits of the seedy side of Hollywood.

There is a  colorful new K-Mart commercial on TV these days.  It features a line of men dressed in their undershorts (Joe Boxer), playing Jingle Bells with hip (and other) movements.  You have to see it to understand why it is so cute.  I mean, if women can parade around in skimpy bras and thongs on the TV screen, I  guess it's just right that the men do their sexy thing in their under shorts.

I tried to get the link for the you-tube video, but was not successful.  Just go to You-tube, and type in "K-mart Joe Boxer commercial" and several of the videos will come up.  Enjoy.

I have no photos for today, but I do have an ad that I found in one of my magazines.  It never ceases to amaze me at the boldness of the new products and the way they are advertised.  This new product is called "POO-POURRI".  It's the "Before-You-Go Toilet Spray.   When you use this wonderful new product, you can Poo in Confidence.  Excuse me????? 

Are we all going to rush out and buy this new product?  It does carry the Good Housekeeping Seal.   If you go to POOPOURRI.COM, there is a $5 coupon if you spend more than $25.  And if you want incentive to buy the product, check out the "Girl's Don't Poop" video at  (I haven't seen this yet.)

On this happy note, I'm going to sign off now and enjoy my coffee.  Till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Okay, Edna, you need to stop reading magazines and watching TV. You are getting a bit too "R" rated ... but the fun part is I laughed all the way through this post. I have seen the K-mart add and my jaw dropped, especially with the little "bing" at the end. I agree, it's about time the men got their share of the risque market.

As for PooPourie ... I'll have none of that. What are they thinking ... I mean, what could it do for you ... oil you up so it slides out without hurting. Are you kidding me ... at least send your little flyers out in the mail where they can be shared in private. Oh my ... we do live in an interesting world. Fortunately we can have a sense of humor about it. Now I have to go shower then take Izzi to class. Maybe I'll stop and see if they have that product at Walgreens, Ha!!! Have a great day Edna ... you deserve it:)

Andrea @From The Sol

Nani said...

They advertise Poo-Pourri in magazines? It’s real? I saw the video and thought it was a joke-ad. Wow! I haven’t seen the K-Mart commercial yet but I’ve heard about it I guess if I want to be “in the know” I should go check it out!

I need to make me an afternoon cup of coffee now and get ready to start the cranberry relish’ Thanksgiving dinner at my dad’s is Monday! :)

Hugs, Nani

Debby said...

I saw that commercial and I admit I thought it was funny.
As far as the poo stuff.......not for me hah.
I hope you are feeling better. ((((HUGS)))

smiekeltje said...

There are sometimes the most weird commercials and adds on tv and in magazines, I admit.
Some are still funny, others are just boring, and some are made the way you don;t really get the clou LOL!
You made me laugh reading the POO thing. How much dombo you have to be to think this is something of a good product? So now you have one "before"and there are some for "after"ROFL.
Let's see if today the guys really will come to fix our ceiling!
It loks to be a more cloudy day today, yesterday it wasn;t bad at all, sunshine and on and off some blue skies, temps even bearable, , I still have some roses blooming in the garden, amazing!
You have a lovely day.

The Queen Jester said...

I actually did buy this product but have no idea if it works. I just thought it was funny and so put it in the guest bathroom for comedy value.