Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Such Wonderful Bargains On TV During The Night

November 12, 2013

It's only 3:50 a.m., but as long as I am awake I may as well post on my blog.  Let me tell you about an order I called in to the TV station last night.  I was curled up in my lounge chair with my fleece blanket, and watching CSI: New York.  During one of the commercials they showed two large toy CSI trucks, and said that the first 500 callers would be able to get both of these trucks for only $1 plus S & H of $7.95.

Wow!  Now that's a fabulous deal, and it would make two little boys extremely happy come Christmas morning.  So of course I called in and ordered two sets of the trucks.   I forgot to grab my camera and take a photo of the TV screen so before I started this post, I went to Google and downloaded a couple of photos that looked like the toy trucks that I had ordered.  Here's a preview that I made.

Aren't these trucks just fabulous?  Considering all the crime and detective shows that are on TV these days, any little boy would be a very happy camper to find these trucks under his Christmas tree.

Now I'm getting so excited that I just can't sleep.  I am going to have me the most fun searching around for just the right two little fellows.  This is a part of Christmas that I really love - buying (or making) gifts for people that I don't even know.  Especially people who want or need something but cannot afford to get it on their own.

In my head, I'm already making plans to call and visit the homeless shelters that are a couple of towns over from here.  I will also ask around to my friends in case they know a couple of little boys who would like a set of toy trucks for Christmas.  Gosh, I am so happy with my find that I can hardly stand myself. 

Finally, I got up and turned on my laptop so that I could check my email for the confirmation of my order.  Well, dang it all, it's not there.  I looked and re-looked, but the confirmation order was no where to be found.  I went to my Pay Pal account and checked my order and payment history, but there was no such order there either. 

That only leaves me with one conclusion.  I had me a truly fantabulous, fantastic, lifelike dream.  Well, golly!!!  I can't remember the last time this ever happened to me.  Everything was so real.  And I was so looking forward to finding a couple of little boys to give those trucks to.  Dang it all!!

Well, I guess this was a sign that I need to buy some toy trucks and give them to Santa.  He will know exactly who to give them to.  This works for me, and I still have the pleasure of shopping for someone who can really appreciate it.  Yup, that's my plan now.  Not a bad save, if I must say so myself.

We have a Christmas cactus plant in the kitchen in the main house, and it is loaded with buds.  Some of them are getting big enough to blossom.  I took this photo a couple of nights ago (in the dark). 

It's after 4 a.m. so I think I'll meander back to my lounge chair and my fleecy blanket, and see if I can fall back to sleep.  Hopefully this time I won't do any shopping while I'm in dreamland.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a magnificent day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Kathy said...

That's one vivid dream! How sweet of you to make some kids' dreams come true on Christmas.

The Queen Jester said...

You are one of the most selfless, generous people I know. What little boy wouldn't be thrilled with those trucks.

smiekeltje said...

What a dream. And such a pity it didn;t came true! But I know you, you will find some other topy trucks and Santa will have the pleasure to give them to some young boys, who dream about it!!!
We also have one Christmas cactus in the room, it's still blooming and when they do, they are beautiful!
It seems that you can even make new plants rather easily. You will have to take off one leafat the point that two lids come together) and put it into some soil, with the broken off side into the soil. It might make roots and then starts to grow. How fun is that to try it out?
Have a wonderful day, and good night too, who knows what you will dream about this time???? LOL