Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away. We Want To Go Out And Play.

May 8, 2012

Good afternoon.  Today is damp and gray and a wee bit on the cool side.  My energy has simply disappeared.  I need sunshine, but the weather forecast is saying rain all week.  The sun is supposed to make an appearance sometime Friday through part of Sunday, then more rain. 

Yesterday I did a couple of small errands, and then opted for a nap after lunch.  This morning I missed an appointment at the nail salon because I just did not want to leave the warmth of my cozy little bed.  Tonight I have to work, and I need to find coverage for another night coming up when I have no baby sitter. 

Last night, I took down the "family" book, and did a bit of reading.  Back in 1980, a relative finished, and published, a book tracing our ancestors back for 300 years in America.  It's such a fascinating book, and I'm ever so glad that I was able to get copies for myself and my kids.  We go all the way back to the Mayflower, (and then some)  and there is so much history in this book.  When I get a chance, I will copy a few snippets to post here.

On my way home from work this past Sunday morning, I stopped by a pond to take photos.  As you can see, it was still very cloudy but the blue sky was doing its best to push those gray clouds away.

I also took a fun photo of a dandelion gone by.  These flowers bring back memories of childhood when we would pick them and blow the seeds everywhere.

Now I think I should get busy and maybe do a little something around here.  Better yet, maybe Tootsie and I will just cuddle and stay warm and lazy for the rest of the afternoon.  The housework will still be here tomorrow.  Till then, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

The pond picture gives such a feeling of silence and peace. And then the dandelion! Yeah, childhood memories here too.
Hmmmm, if not really necessary, stay in and do something you really like. The house can wait for another day LOL!
Have a great day

The Queen Jester said...

Love the dandelion photo - especially now that I don't have a yard anymore to worry about removing them! It's always amazing what will evoke a memory.
Mary Ann was at camera club last night - it was so good to see her.