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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Freebie For You

May 30, 2012

Good morning.  Today is what used to be Memorial Day.  However, people enjoy turning holidays into three and four day events, so Memorial Day (like some other holidays) got moved to a more convenient day (last Monday).  Us old folks don't mind though, as long as they don't mess with Christmas and New Years.  Santa does not like having his travel plans changed.

Today, I have a pretty photo to share of one of my new rose bushes.  While Joe was watering the plants a couple of days ago, I rushed out with my camera to get some nice shots.  I will be printing this one to hang on one of my walls.  I removed a large green leaf that was behind the center rose, and later removed the green upper left corner. 

And for you, I made a pretty QP freebie using this photo for a background. I've use a frame element from Scrappiness Down Under, and a texture overlay from PDPA.  It's sort of different, so I hope you can use it.

And here's your download link:


My first Rhododendron blossom has finally opened, and it's white.  It may be another week or so for the other Rhodie to blossom so I can see what color that one is.  Here's a photo of my white blossom.

Last night, the Mrs and I spent all evening looking at photos on a new site that I am checking out.  My friend Mary Ann told me about this place, and it sounds quite interesting.  You upload your photos specifically to be critiqued.  I think this would be very helpful in making better photos.  Tomorrow I shall have more information and post the link.

That's all the news for this morning.  It's time for me to check on the Mrs again, and then start packing up my stuff to go home.  So till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


jimi said... is the zealous website and it is truly a good way to start any day along with the freebies through your entry.

Mats World said...

Miss Edna, the rose photo is lovely and the QP is gorgeous, thank you. Love the raindrops on the roses and leaves. Thanx for commenting on my freebies at Miriam's Scraps too! Hugs!!

The Queen Jester said...

It looks like everything is coming up roses your way!

smiekeltje said...

Lovely Rhodo!
It's fun that sometimes you and Mrs. are spending time on internet, like on the photosite. She is a rather amazing person!
Have a fun day!