Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Looking For Some Good Scrap Challenges

May 4, 2011

Good morning.  I really don't know what today's weather will bring.  The rain did not come yesterday, and the whole day was just lovely.  Today, it's still gray so far.  It makes it very difficult to get any yard work done.  I can't get everything planted when I should because we all go by the weather forecast to plan our days and weeks.  Of course, you would think that by now we would learn not to do that. 

Enough grumbling, today I really need to buckle down and finish my part of the May collab kit.  I seem to be procrastinating lately about working on the PC.  Maybe I just need to find a few good scrap challenges.  I'll have to check around to see what some of the forums offer.  Lately, a lot of them have not been keeping their challenges up to date.  When I go looking the second week of the month, and the challenges are still not posted, I lose interest.  This is a shame because I really do enjoy the creativity that they offer.

Monday, while Tootsie and I were out, we passed a house with a magnificent floral display in the front yard.  Here are a couple of photos of it.  What a gorgeous front yard!

If I had had more time that day, I might have asked the homeowner if I could photograph the whole garden.  Sometimes they say yes, and other times they just look at me like I'm a nut and say no.  I always offer to give them a disk with the photos on it.

I have another photo to share.  This is Miss Tootsie in her pink polka dot dress.  She is busy keeping an eye on Chippy and a couple of little birds.  This was taken Monday,after we returned from her visit to the hospital. 

I think it's time now to get busy and start my day.  The rain hasn't started yet, so maybe I can get a little bit done out in the yard.  That would be nice. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a great day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Hi Edna,
Just a quick note to let you know how things are going here. Not yet very bright, though I am having a slightly better day today. Yesterday just sucked.
May be I will have the energy tomorrow to post a little update on my blog.
I have the idea that it will take real time to recover a bit, wanted to visit the doctor today, but lucky as I am he was on a holiday, next week he will be there again. Well, we'll see how I feel after a few days more. One luck, we are having nice weather, so even feeling a bit down and surely weak, with very low energy, the sun brightens up the day and makes you feel always a bit better. But we will survive, just have to accept that it might take several weeks or even more.
Take care, enjoy your garden, which will look fantastic, I am sure.

suruha said...

Tootsie looks so cute in her pink polka-dot dress! LOL

Sounds like you've finally gotten some nicer weather. I hope so! We haven't had it too bad here. (Knock on wood!)

I'm out trying to catch up on some blog reading. About to call it a night, though. LOL

All of the flowers are gorgeous!

Hugs until tomorrow,