Tuesday, May 10, 2011

God Bless My Tootsie, She Is Such A Sweetie!!

May 10, 2011

Good morning.  After a really nice day yesterday, I think we are in for some rain today.  It's gray and a bit cool outside, and I'm not really in a rush to get out there right now.  As I sit here watching the weather channel, I feel that summer is going to be another scorcher this year.  Already, parts of the country have temperatures in the 90's.  It is 56 degrees F here at the moment.

I think my body has been trying to fight off a cold.  The past week, I just can't seem to get warm.  When I'm home, Tootsie and I go to bed early and I crawl under two fleecy blankets in an effort to get warm.  I  even run the fireplace for a few hours.  I have been blaming my sniffly nose on the pollen, but maybe a cold bug is helping it along too. 

The mailman brought me a lovely surprise yesterday.  A Mother's Day card from Tootsie.  You know that warmed my heart ever so much.  Moo used to take Tootsie card shopping while he was here, so I was really surprised when this card arrived.  Seems Tootsie had a friend in Virginia help her pick out the card this year and get it in the mail.  Miss Ellen, you have a special place in my heart.  I love you girl.

How about some fun photos?  Over the weekend, Tootsie and I took a ride to the local park, and were just in time to watch some goose families come ashore so that the Moms and Dads could teach their little ones where to find food.  In this first photo, Mom is kept quite busy trying to keep her rambunctious kids from straying too far.

Oh dear, I'm watching film (on TV) of flooded neighborhoods in some parts of our country, and it is devastating.  I'm wondering, as I have so often, why government officials haven't found a way to pipe all of this water to some other area by now.  These floods did not just happen, they've been happening for quite a while now.  If man can pipe oil from one end of the country to another end, and from the bottom of the ocean to ships and land, then why can't he pipe all this surplus water to drier parts of the country?  It boggles my mind.

On this note, I think it's time for me to get dressed, or at least to put on a housecoat.  Today my friend Mary Ann is going to try to help me learn a bit more about my camera.  We will do this via the phone because she is several states away.  Such a wonderful invention, this telephone!!  I'm off now.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

Loved the goslings -so cute. Have fun with Mary Anne, she is so knowledgeable. I'll see her tonight at camera club. I've been trying to get photos of the Indigo Buntings, so I hope to have some of those to post in the next few days.

Nani said...

Miss Ellen is a wonderful, wonderful person to help Tootsie out like that!

I love the pictures of Mom and the goslings!!

I totally agree with you about the cross country water pumping! Seems that we should be working on better ways than oil for running cars and such and using the knowledge we already have to get flood water rerouted to drought areas. We’d all be in such better shape if we’d spend our time on people instead of just money. I’ve always said what people with money do and what those without it do without is just a plain evil imbalance.

We have gray and gloom today too. Maybe that’s what makes me cranky! LOL Your blog music today hits the spot, soothing! Thank you!

Have a great day Edna!