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Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Little Privy Information For You

January 29, 2017

Good morning.  Tis sunny and cold here, a normal winter day.  My little alarm clock woke me up early this morning.  He can smell coffee perking a mile away.  If it's not a workday, Joe makes a pot of coffee (out in the main part of the house) in the morning. 

It seems as if Pogo can smell the first hot little drop of coffee going into the pot because that's when he barks at me till I get up.  Pogo feels that as long as Joe is up, he should feed him his turkey treat.  There's just one little snafu.  Pogo won't go get his turkey treat unless I go with him.  Ergo, I have to get up.

Pogo and I have to leave in a couple hours because he has an appointment at the hospital to get his annual check up and a "travel letter" saying that he is okay to travel on the plane.  Tomorrow, we'll go to Town Hall and get his new dog tag.

I took photos of some of the doggie food that His Majesty will eat.  If your fur baby (doggie or kitty) is also a picky eater, you might want to try this.

Last night, I started a new hat to match one of the scarves, and I almost finished it.  However, I did not like the way it was looking so I ripped it all out and started a different hat pattern.   This one's the same pattern I used to make a hat for my daughter Laura Jean.  I like this one much better, and I'll take a photo when it is finished.

I have this very interesting book that I'm reading.  It's from Reader's Digest, and is titled "America's Forgotten History."  Did you know that Charles "Chic" Sale wrote a book called "The Specialist" in 1929, and it became one of publishing's great success stories?  It was about a rural carpenter and his philosophy of privy building.  (In case you don't know, a privy is an outhouse.)  Within a few years, this 28 page booklet sold over a million copies. 

This is just one of the bits of knowledge you will gain by reading this book.  By the way, as a teenager, we had the only three seater in the neighborhood.  Actually, I think we had the only privy in the neighborhood.  After spending one winter in our new house, my dad built an indoor bathroom on to the house.  Ohhh, it felt sooooo good not to have to go truckin' out through the snow and rain and cold weather anymore.

As I come across other interesting stories, I'll share them with you.  Right now, it is time for me to get dressed so that Pogo and I are not late for his doctor appointment.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

It's so good to be "privy" to all the facts. I've used many an outhouse in my day and each one has it's own special charm, but I is nice to be where it's warm and not having to deal with the elements to and fro. Such softies we've become. Of course, I was less likely to work my puzzles while residing on my thrown during those days.

George and Gracie also like the turkey with garden vegetables (in gravy, of course) that Purina ProPlan puts out. Must be something about those veggies. It's nice you found something will eat. I buy their food two or three cases at a time when I find it since you never dare run out of the favored food!

Have fun in Florida and enjoy the sun! We're just getting into the 70's now finally and I hope this cold, windy rainy snap is finally over.

Nani said...

Now I'm intrigued about the book! I love things that.were common or popular everyday things from the early 1900s.

The difference between New England and the Great Lakes area is you get cold and sunny. We get cold and cloudy.

Pogo really likes the good stuff, huh? Lucky for him he has a loving and spoiling Mommy! :)

Hugs and more hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

Not staying long at the computer, because am a bit afraid of a virus that was caught by my virus scanner, but couldn;t be "saved"by it??? Very disturbing and I am very bad in those things so don;t know what to do about it.
I contacted a friend who perhaps can help, I don;t have enough money ti hire "professional help"so we'll see what comes of it.
Sorry i am not really commenting on your posts now, I am a bit nervous about the virus, don;t know if it can do real harm or not and such.
I am bad with those techy stuff things.
Till later Hugs

Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,
Oh I enjoy the stories like in the book that your reading. There are so many interesting facts that are in the stories that people have forgotten about. It sounds like a great book.

I am so glad that Pogo is eating. It does a heart good to know that there is something out there that can be a bit tasty for him.. My son Matt bought Cisco a huge bag of Kibbles and Bits. I told Jon that Cisco was getting low on food. Matt comes in the next day with this huge 30 pound bag. We were concerned it would upset his stomach and it did for a day or 2 but he is eating it happily now.

I have to lay back down for a little while. I have a doctors appointment and just can't seem to wake up so I will call you later on this afternoon when I get home. Have a wonderful day you two.. Hugs, Beth and Cisco