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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Waiting On The Contractor (What Else Is New?)

October 13, 2016

Good morning.  It's looking like the start of another beautiful Autumn day here.  Temps will reach the upper 60's this afternoon, then back down in to the 40's for overnight.  The contractor did not show up yesterday, so let's see if he will show up today.  Somehow, I think he will not be here. 

Pretty soon I have to do a review on Angie's List of my thoughts on this contractor's work and business dealings.  It's fair to say that I will not be giving him the best review.  His honesty and attitude leave a lot to be desired. 

Recently I came across a fun looking craft project - putting a photograph on a piece of wood.  It looks like fun, so I think I'll give it a try.  Yesterday, the bottle of PVA Glue and craft brushes (that I had ordered from Amazon) arrived in the mail.  Next, I have to pick up a container of Decoupage glue and a piece of wood.  I'll also need to print out a couple of my photographs to use.  Hopefully, this project will turn out pretty good, and I'll take photos to share.

Last evening we brought in the big citronella plant and the spider plant.  Shortly, I'll put them back outside again for the day.  If the nights would stay warmer, I could leave them both outside overnight. 

Today I have some fun photos that a friend sent to me.  This first photo is "A typical rainy day in Chicago."  I love where the people are standing to get out of the rain. 

 This second photo is titled "I wonder what they all are looking at?"  They are all so intent on something going on inside the room.

 This one is my favorite.  It's called "Life is good!"  The look on this doggie's face is priceless!

This last photo is titled "Swans swim through the street after floods in UK." What an awesome sight!  I've never seen this many swans together in one place.

Thanks, MaryAnn.  I really enjoyed these photos.  What a fun way to start a new day. 

I just sent a text message to the contractor and mentioned that seeing as how no one showed up yesterday or this morning, could I expect them tomorrow?  His reply was yes, tomorrow, just not sure what time it will be.  Gosh, doesn't this just make you want to have him back to do another job?

Last evening, DIL Janet came by after work and we had a lovely visit.  Dinner was delicious, and we caught up on each other's news.  And, we watched our favorite program together.  (I taped Project Runway)  Unfortunately, she forget to take her phone with her when she went home.  So, I imagine she will be stopping by later today to pick it up.  I think I'll put it on the charger so that it will be fully charged for her. 

Before I go, let me give you another Halloween quick page.  This one features Miss Lola, her friend and her kitty Blackie, enjoying a beautiful moonlit night.

Here is your download link:

Now I think I'll get dressed and find some fun mischief to get into.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Good Morning Edna,

Wonderful pictures. I enjoyed them all and of course loved the QP, thank you. I simply love the swans, how gorgeous... And the shelter from the rain is priceless. The one thing that I love about Chicago is that they have such diversity among the Arts. In some places that monument of Marilyn would have caused a huge fire storm, but not in Chicago.

Well I am not surprised that the contractor did not show up. He seems about as useless as my window worker yesterday. After taking pictures and sending them to the girl at the front office, after the main man in charge came over and looked and said "I am sorry this job was not done properly." He called the man that did the work and had him come out, and a lot of talk that didn't sound rather pleasant in Spanish the job was then done right. And the head man came back yesterday evening and checked the work.
I think that a review on Angie's List is a great idea. He might also have a website and you could go and write a review on his website if he has one. It really irks me that these contractors want to be paid X amount of money but don't want to come back and take care of the things that need it.

Cisco is laying at my feet. I have to be careful not to trip over him when I get up. I tend to forget that he is there. I don't want to hurt either one of us so I will try to remember. He had a great night's rest. Me, not so much.

Cisco wants a late breakfast/lunch so I am going to go and rustle up something to eat for the both of us. Have a wonderful day and I think that it is really kind of you to put your DIL's phone on charge for her. I am sure that she will appreciate that kindness. Have a wonderful day and if it gets too cold snuggle up with Pogo. You both will enjoy that. Love Beth and Cisco.

smiekeltje said...

Thoose photos are so great and funny!
Good to start the day with a smile looking at them.
Oh, that contractor is hopeless. Now I really hope he will show tomorrow and that he will not let you wait all day.
Nice that you had a visit from Deanne and then you had a good time together.
I am curious to see if your project will succeed I have no idea how it will look like.
Had kind of bad day yesterday, had some serious stomach trouble, it really hurt, but I had a good night sleep and hopefully all will be better today.
You have a lovely day now,