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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Up For A Big Adventure Today

October 5, 2016

Good morning.  Today is starting out a bit on the cool side, only 47F degrees.  But, it should get up to at least 60F degrees by early afternoon.  The sun is playing peek a boo, but soon it will be out to stay .This is good because today I'm going to attempt to drive to Aunt Lucy's by myself.  Just me and Pogo.

Deanne and I had to miss last week's time at the shooting range, but last night the instructor texted me with a new appointment for this Friday.  Woo Hoo!  So, colds and flu please stay away.  Miss Edna wants to play. 

Yesterday I decided to sit a while and pay some bills before starting anything else.  Wowsie!  Who would have thought that paying bills is a major chore?  I took my time and went through all the bills, eventually paying all but one.  That one can wait till next week.  By the time I was finished, almost two hours had passed. 

I must admit though, that I did answer two phone calls during that time. One was about being eligible for a rate reduction on my electric bill.  Hmmm, now that would be nice.  I'll know more about that when I get the paperwork in the mail that explains it all.

Last evening, I came across a new crochet pattern for a hooded scarf that looks rather interesting.  It's called the "Amazing Grace Snoodie".   According to the pattern, it looks rather easy to make so I might just try it.   Here's a photo of the "Amazing Grace Snoodie".

None of my favorite re-runs were on TV last night, but I did find a new program, Antenna TV, that plays a lot of the old TV programs.  So, I got to watch All In The Family, Barney Miller and Johnny Carson.  I must say it was quite the treat. 

Today I have another Halloween quick page for you.  This one features the Big Bad Wolf!  Have fun with it.

Here is your download link:

Well, that's my news for this morning.  Now I need to put these bills out in the mail box for pick up, and then get dressed.  I'm trying hard not to lose my nerve about driving into Boston alone.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

I still have a hard time thinking of you at a shooting range. You amaze me.

smiekeltje said...

How very brave of you to drive to Boston all alone! But I am sure it will go allright, just take it easy, don;t rush.
Aunt Lucy will be delighted to see you and Pogo again, that's for sure.
I have to pay a couple of bills too this week, not the funniest passing of time.
That scraf/hoodie looks quite interesting. It will be a good change from making all the afghans.
Weather looks okay at the moment, no rain and sun is shining. Although a bit "fresh", still good weather.
Have a lovely day and don;t worry too much about the drive to Boston, you'll do fine.

Unknown said...

Hi Edna,
I am playing catch up on your blog.

My Computer Geeky friend texted me and said... "Beth, take out the battery and put it somewhere. It does not matter where somewhere is, just somewhere! Then take the cord that is called "A Power Cord" and plug it into a main electrical outlet. You know what that is right? It is an ingenious box that allows you to do remarkable things like plug in a lamp or a phone charger or even better, your computer. After that turn on your laptop and have FUN"
My reply was much shorter... "Thank You Mr. Smart Ass".. He sent back a message that said I am calling you. He and I had a great conversation. He is such a funny man and couldn't resist giving me a hard time. On the other hand I give him a hard time too. He is truly my Knight In Tarnished Armor. Gosh I can't believe how many years it has been since we met. Close to 13 years now. He, his wife and son live in California. Most of my online friends are awesome!

I wanted to say that I just love the hoodie scarf. It is really gorgeous. It looks perfect for that cold/brisk day! I love it. Now I must go and read the rest of your blog. Hugs, Beth