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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Scooping Your Way To Prosperity

October 26, 2016

Good morning.  Goodness, I'm late today!  I slept on and off throughout the night, so this morning I was in no hurry to get out from under the covers.  First, because I'm enjoying my snooze, and second because it's warm and cozy under the covers.  Pogo though, has decided that enough is enough.  Mama please get up and make my breakfast!

It's rather wintery today.  Right now, it's only 42F degrees, and most likely won't get up over 46 degrees today.  Tonight's temp is supposed to be around 30F degrees, and by 6 a.m. tomorrow it should be right around 32F degrees.  Tomorrow is supposed to warm up to about 48F degrees during the day, with rain.  It's supposed to rain on Friday too. 

Folks, I know it's late but my little birds are sitting outside my window and looking quite hopeful that I will bring out some food for them.  When it's cold, they need more food to keep warm.  So give me a few moments to take out their food and I'll be right back.

I'm back.  My goodness, I no sooner put the last bit of food out, including a bowl of peanuts, and there were several blue jays, sparrows and titmice rushing in to enjoy the feast.  There's even a few squirrels and chipmunks enjoying the food.  Later today, I'll have to make a quick run to the store for some birdseed.  All we have left is the sunflower seeds. 

Today I want to talk about a new, very creative, business that has popped up.  If you like being your own boss, this could be the perfect job for you.  It's called being a "Scooper."  Here's a photo that was in yesterday's newspaper. 

This app is called "Pooper" and it will summons someone to scoop up your doggie's waste off the sidewalk or neighbor's lawn.  It's for the person who has the time to take their doggie for a walk, but is just too darned busy to reach down to pick up their doggie's poop. 

The app, which began being marketed during the summer, is supposed to work pretty much like Uber.  Once your dog does its job, you open the app, pinpoint the excrement on a digital map and order a scoop.  You are then free to leave; a scooper (the driver in the Uber analogy) comes to do the cleanup.

The company's quirky video ad and motto is "Your dog's poop in someone else's hands."  For poopers, there will be tiered payment plans.  For example, the dog walker or hoarder might order the "unlimited premium plan that allows unlimited scoops in an unlimited radius.  Scoopers' compensation will vary depending on their mode of transportation and how far they travel to do the job.  Co-founder, Ben Becker, assures us that earnings will absolutely be more than minimum wage. 

Okay, now I wonder -- if you have the time to poke an app on your phone and type in where you and your doggie's poop are, how much time does this take?  Wouldn't it be so much quicker to bend down and pick up the poop yourself?  And cheaper, too?  On the other hand, think of all the money you can make as a scooper, by running around all day scooping up doggie poop!  (and smiling all the way to the bank!)

Okay, how about another Halloween quick page?  This one is for the party goers.  Our lady skells are all dressed up and ready to party!  Hmmm, it seems their dates (in the background) are more interested in the new car.  Ladies, you may have to wait a while.

Here is your download link:

I've had a question from a blogger friend about the computer program that I use to make my quick pages.  I have Photoshop, so that's what I use.  But it is expensive, so I recommend that you pick up a copy of Photoshop Elements.  It's much less expensive (usually under $100) and has all the bells and whistles that you might need for your creative projects. 

However, do not buy your software on Ebay.  A lot of the software being sold there is pirated.  At least that is what I have found over the years.  Your best bet is to shop your retail stores.  Photoshop Elements is frequently on sale for a very nice price.  Especially when a newer version is coming out.  Good luck, and I hope this helps.

Now I'll have to go and soothe Pogo's feelings.  He is a bit miffed about not being able to go outside on the porch.  I think I'll let him out for a few minutes.  It's a bit nippy, so I don't think he'll stay out there very long.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

I think that I have heard of everything now... A pooper scooper! Sheeesh some people are just so lazy... I mean really! But then again there are those that do feel they are beneath scooping poop!

I have been very busy and have had several tasks that had to be dealt with. I have one more that I need to take care of and I have to call and find out the specifics on this one. I am also waiting back on a call for a referral.

My house got a spanking clean job last night. I really had to do it for my own satisfaction. It was surface clean but I wanted spiffy clean. So the floors were swept and mopped and all of the other little things that come along.

Great job with your shooting range practice. I am really impressed! Your doing fantastic and I pray that you will never have to put your skills to the test, but if you do then you will be prepared.

Hugs to you and my boy... Love, Beth and I almost forgot to add Cisco to the closing. He is miffed at me. I wouldn't give him part of my banana this morning. I knew he wouldn't eat it. Have a super day...... xx

smiekeltje said...

Gosh, I am really surprised of what kind of apps people invent. But this is a real strange one Yes, you are right, if you have time to make a message about the exact spot where to find the poop, well, in that same time you can pick it up and on the way home put it in a trash can. Why spend money on this????
Not all too much to tell here, better I go to my blog and post something, then get busy overhere.
Have a nice day, hope it will warm up a bit.

Snowy said...

You have given me an idea writing about the birds ...I think I need a bird house /feeder in my little garden corner outside.....and off she goes to check out Amazon to see whether she can find something suitable,lol
Hugs Snowy