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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Learning Can Be Such Fun

October 30, 2016

Good morning.  I've been up for a couple hours, but I've been catching up on email.  Pogo and I have had breakfast, and he has had his turkey treat.  In a little while, I think I'll go do a bit of grocery shopping. 

Deanne and I went to the shooting range on Friday afternoon, and this time I managed to get my three shots in the bull's eye.  Of course, this came with a price.  I did not get all my numbers done.  Ah well, I'll get better as time goes by.  I'm having a good time learning.  Here's my cricket card from Friday.

Yesterday was a quiet day.  Aside from taking a nap, I spent a little time on the computer.  When I'm working on quick pages, I lose track of time, and the next thing I knew, it was time to start making supper. 

I did get to put the new plant shelf together and set it up in front of the pantry window.  Now it has five plants on it, and it really does look nice.  I took a photo of the spider plant that we hung by the kitchen window.  It's not the greatest photo, but you can see how much the plant has grown.

This afternoon, I'll have to go through a couple new piles of magazines and junk mail.  Mostly it's all junk mail.  Gosh, this stuff adds up so fast!  It seems like every few days, there's two or three new piles to go through.  In the old days, I could just put all of this stuff out in the trash.  Nowadays, we first have to go through everything and cut off all our identification information first. 

Oh gee.  I've been watching the TV, and they seem to be running the same commercial over and over.  It's the one where a grown man is talking to his food, and then he "spanks" it.  This is sad.  I mean I can understand talking to an inanimate object, but please.... spanking it?

It's time for another Halloween quick page.  This one is rather simple.  I was intrigued with the background paper.  (see the TOU for the creator of the paper)  Have fun with it.

Here is your download link:

Now it's time for me to get dressed and go grocery shopping.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a magnificent day.

Hugs, Edna B.


LV said...

One thing I hate doing is grocery shopping.

Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,

Yay for getting all the 3 shots into the Bulls Eye... Great going my friend. It was just a matter of practice. Soon you will be able to get all your numbers and your bulls eye too. Then we can call you a sharp shooter lol.

You know the babies of your spider plant are so easy to propagate. Just snip the vines long enough to be inserted into a glass or vase of water. Plant them when they root. Think of all the free little gifts of a baby spider plant that you can give to family and friends while playing in the dirt! Just make sure that you cover the roots with plenty of soil.

The Monarch butterflies are migrating to Mexico for the winter. They are so beautiful. This past spring they opened up an exhibit for the butterflies at the arbortarium ( I misspelled that and autocorrect did not help me out there). Jonathan and I were talking that it would be a great outing. We missed the tree give away at the library this weekend. They were giving away some kind of oak, I have forgotten which one and a Buck Eye tree. They also had lots of other tree related activities. One of my pet peeves is that they never advertise these things in the paper or on the news until the day of the event and by the time that I find out about them they are over. I need to search them out and sign up for their newsletters and calendar.

Have fun grocery shopping. Sounds like you will have a busy time doing that. Jonathan went to the store for us today. I am so glad that I didn't have to go. I made a big Southern style meal yesterday for us. He picked up some herb and lemon pork chops and I am going to make them with some alfredo noodles for dinner tonight. We also have plenty of left overs from yesterday that we can eat as well.

Love the QP... it is really a good one. I still have a few ones left to do. I am not in a big rush.
I spent yesterday making pages and then spent a good while updating my blog this morning, adding them and a challenge page. Also I vented a bit but not bad.

I have to call my insurance tomorrow. It seems that I have lost 2 bottles of my blood pressure medication. I called yesterday to see if the pharmacy refilled it to be told no that I had picked it up already. Well I guess with the move it must have gotten either lost or still packed somewhere. I find that odd since I packed all of my medications in one box. So hopefully they can order a refill as a lost medication. Other wise I have to pay out of pocket for it at a huge price.

Oh by the way Cisco sends his love. He hung out with the boys this weekend but I had lots of loving time last night. He was gone this morning when I woke up, playing with Jonathan on the patio.
One other thing.. I found my colored pencils so I can now start coloring! Have an awesome day.
Love Beth and Cisco and give that Mr. Pogo some loves from us...

smiekeltje said...

Congratulations on hitting the bullseye!! Wow, you are good at it.
We have that spider plant too and as Beth says, you easily can make new ones.
Your QP page looks great, love the skull with the orange eyes LOL.
Here it is nice weather and i think tonight will be a rather clear sky, so great for your Halloween flight if you decide to make one.
Have a nice day