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Monday, October 24, 2016

A Pleasant Surprise From My Spider Plant

October 24, 2016

Good morning.  It's a lovely morning here, about 50F degrees and sunny.  Today temps should reach up into the upper 50's, then dip down into the upper 30's tonight.  At least I'll be able to put the plants outside for a while today.  Hopefully, the new plant shelf will be here soon, and I can get it set up in front of the pantry window. 

Joe says he will put up a plant hanger over one of the kitchen windows.  I just have to pick up some screws to attach the hanger to the window frame.  I also have a small package to mail, so I guess Pogo and I will take a short trip to the Post Office and the hardware store this morning.

Once the plant hanger is up, my spider plant will have its new home.  Speaking of the spider plant, I got a lovely surprise yesterday.  There are several tiny white blossoms on it.  I never realized that this plant had flowers.  They are really lovely, and look like teeny tiny Easter lilies.

Goodness, I just got a text message from daughter Deanne, saying that she is not feeling so good and won't be able to go to the shooting range with me later this afternoon.  It sounds like she may have picked up a nasty virus bug.  Hopefully, it will be a short lasting one, and she'll be feeling better really soon.  As for the shooting range, I'll go by myself.  I really need the practice.

I'm feeling a lot more like my old self now, so I need to get out more by myself (with Pogo, of course).  Who knows, maybe while Pogo and I are out this morning we can stop by Ocean State Job Lot and wander about the store for a while.  Even if we don't buy anything, it will be fun.

Next weekend, SIL Eddie and Joe are going to Home Depot with me to pick up some supplies to use for making winter screen covers for the porch.  We've tossed around a few ideas, and we may have come up with one we can use.  I was hoping to use plexiglass, but we may have to resort to using plywood panels. 

Joe says we can put little windows in a couple of the plywood panels so that it wouldn't be so dark on the porch.  That would help because there is no light on the porch.  I intend to leave my chairs, etc, out on the porch all winter.  Covered up, of course. 

Well, now I think it's time for me to get dressed so that Pogo and I can go do our errands.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...


I am so sorry that Deanne is sick. So much of it going around right now. I hope that she feels better soon and that you have a wonderful time at the shooting range. I admire you for getting out and going places.

Your spider plant is lovely and I did know that they bloom. My friend once had them all across her inside patio door. It was a very dramatic view.

Cisco is being spoiled today. A bath and I made him another treat to go with his breakfast. Scrambled eggs and a biscuit. He is laying at my feet happy as a little pig in mud.

House work for me today. I didn't do anything at all yesterday. So today I have to sweep and mop and dust and last night Jonathan gave Cisco some popcorn and there are little pieces all over the floor. It was funny to watch. Jonathan would toss it to him and he would run to catch it. I cannot believe that he left some on the floor.

Oh I wish you didn't have to use plywood for your porch but I know that it will block the wind and winter elements. That is the most important thing of all. I was hoping that the plexi glass would have been an option but the sheets are way to expensive. Maybe you can get a light out there so it will give you a little light. Run an extension cord maybe for a floor lamp and a small electric heater that blows warm air. Just an idea.

I am making meatloaf for dinner tonight. I was going to yesterday but Jonathan and I just finished off all of our left overs so they didn't go to waste. It turned out to be a good thing because I was able to clear out the fridge.

I will let you go for now. I want to get Cisco in the tub before I lose my energy. Hugs and Kisses to Pogo and lots of love to you both.. Beth

smiekeltje said...

Sorry to hear about Deanne. And you two always are looking forward to the shooting practice. Good for you that you go alone to it.
Hope Deanne soon will feel better and that it will not be a long lasting virus !
Pity you will have to cover the porch windows with plywood, but I guess plexiglass is way too expensive
But Perhaps Joe's idea of little windows is possible and perhaps there you could use a little bit of plexi or so.Would be nice to have some sort of light in the porch.
I didn;t do much yesterday, just a bit of cooking and a laundry and further on I was at the computer a lot of the time Jan had a kind of "off-day", he did sleep a lot on the couch, probably needed i. Just hope he will feel better today.
Later today I will have to go out for some groecerie shopping.
Bit grey-ish weather at the moment, may later the sun will come through for a moment.
Have a great day,