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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My House Is Protected By Killer Dust Bunnies

May 14, 2014

Good morning.  It's looking quite grayish and cloudy outside right now.  We're supposed to have a bit of sunshine later today with temps close to 70F.   According to the weather channel, it looks like we are in for about five days in a row of rain beginning this Friday.  Gosh, and I was just beginning to really enjoy the beautiful Spring weather. 

Did you like that post title?  A friend sent me some cute images about dust bunnies and it gives one a chance to see the dust bunnies in a whole new light.  Just think about it.  If you let them accumulate, just for a couple of generations, they help to insulate your home from extreme cold and heat.  They also act like paper weights by holding things in place so that you can find them easily. 

They are very quiet and don't eat any of your food, so they are the perfect house guests.  And, if any critters find their way into your house, the dust bunnies will hang onto the footprints so that you can easily find the invading critters.   The best part is that they even get along with your fur babies.  They stay quietly in the background, protecting your home while you go about your daily life.

Thanks Donna for these adorable images.  My favorite is the first one.  It fits me to a "T".

Yesterday's mail brought me a delightful surprise.  I got a Mother's Day card from Pogo.  He must have sent it to Auntie Audrey in Virginia and asked her to send it here so that I would not guess that it was from him.   My Pogo is such a fun little fellow, and always full of surprises.  Thank you Pogo.  I love my card.
This morning I have an appointment for a consultation for a stress test.  This is not my idea of a fun way to spend my morning, but I have been putting the appointment off since last year.  I may as well go and get it over.   I really don't need a stress test to figure out what I can and can't do, but my illustrious doctors and the insurance company haven't figured it out yet.  So, reluctantly, I will keep my appointment this morning. 
Later today though, I am going to have me some fun time at the yarn shop.  I have a coupon (good only today)  for a Senior Citizen's discount of 20% off my total purchase, and you know I just cannot let it go to waste.  I have already made my list of yarn colors to look for. 
The blue afghan is finished now, and I'm thinking that now I will make a few BDafghans (birthday afghans pronounced Bee Daf ghans).  I've been busy looking for colors that will not only go well together, but be colors that the recipients will like.  This project should keep me out of mischief for the better part of the year.
I think maybe I'll try sprinkling some of my new grass seed all around the lawns before the rains get here.  SIL was going to let me borrow his seed spreader but he hasn't brought it over yet so I'll just spread the seeds by hand like I did the last time.  I have not learned yet how to sit and wait patiently.
Now it's time to do a few things around here before leaving for my appointment.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.


Anonymous said...

Edna, hope the stress test goes well. Are you doing traditional test on treadmill etc? Because of my disability, they give me the test by inection ---- slowly increases & then decreases your heart rate etc. Easy peasy. Good luck

Anonymous said...

oops inJection

Debby said...

Good luck on the consult. I do not like stress tests. They are stressful hah. That PoGo is a prince.

smiekeltje said...

Oh what a fun, a stress test and in the morning. Well, that idea already is enough to get you stressed LOL!
Hope it will go well.
Lovely idea of Pogo to send you the card, and he is so clever, to send it first to Audrey hahahaha.
Great pic of the dust bunnies warning, and yes like the 1st one best!
Okay, afer done with the stress test you can kind of realx in the yarn shop.
I pulled out the knitting I started(the lace pattern), sigh, somehow it didn;t went well somewhere on the way. Tried another one, also no luck. Seems yesterday wasn;t a good day for knitting. But.. found an bit easier pattern(as it looks so far)and have done a couple of rows.
Enjoy your day