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Sunday, May 25, 2014

It's Memorial Day Weekend

May 25, 2014

Good morning.  It's early yet, so the sun isn't up yet, but today is supposed to be quite lovely with maybe a few rain showers this afternoon.   I'm at work, and have been trying to get a few photos of the hummingbirds, but they are just too wary and quick.

Remember how I said that the new red yarn was super thick and course feeling?  Well I gave it a good try.  I did a whole set of red rows, then the multi color yarn, then some blue; twenty rows in all.  The difference between the yarns was wicked noticeable.  The red part was feeling like a thick rug.  So, I pulled it all out.

I had picked up some more red and blue yarns at Walmart, so I started the afghan over again, using these new yarns.  Wowser, what a difference!  This time my afghan feels like an afghan.  I'll have to call JoAnn's and see if they will replace the thick red yarn.  Once I get a whole patch of the blue crocheted onto the afghan, I'll take a photo so that you can see just how pretty these colors are together.

Last night I brought the afghan to work so that I could work on it after the Mrs went to bed.  Alas, when I looked into my bag, there was no crochet hook.  It seems I forgot to put it in the bag.  Bummer.  I think my brain needs a vacation.

My family has always been quite patriotic, and we love waving our flag.  So today I have some sayings from the web to share.  If anyone is offended, so be it. 


Ever notice when you fly in a plane, one of the first things they tell you is that in case of an emergency always take care of yourself first so that you will be able to help those with you and around you?  It makes a lot of sense.  So why is it that we seem to have unlimited funds to save the whole world, and none to save our own people? 

And when is the last time you heard people getting excited about saving our animals?  In all the stories that I watch on TV and read about in the newspaper of the floods, wildfires, thunderstorms and tornadoes, you rarely hear about any people looking to save pets and wildlife.  Once in a while someone will find a pet that survived and it becomes a feature story on the news.  But what about all the others that are lost?

Many of our local towns and cities will be having parades this Memorial Day Weekend.  Recently a neighboring town held a Haitian Flag Day celebration.  But then the local citizens had to fight to have their Memorial Day parade.  What's wrong with this picture? 

Since when should we have to fight to show love and respect for our own flag and country?  Many men and women gave their lives so that we could enjoy living in this wonderful country.  Why can't we keep all that is wonderful about it?

Sadly, I wonder what sort of country we are leaving to our grandchildren and great grandchildren.  What sort of morals and ethics are we teaching them.  This has always been a great country to live in.  Can we pass this same great country on to our children?

Well, I've rambled on enough.  If you read this far, thank you for listening to this old woman.  I do hope the rest of your day turns out to be great.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

I have a bag of squares in sage green and Wedgwood blue for a loose-knit decorative throw I was making for my sofa (which will someday be out of storage and replace the sofa Marco s trying to eat) But since it's a loose weave I have a big crochet hook for it. I thought it got lost in my move to Ohio, but I found it...and lost it again. I think I need to ask David to search, or maybe if Rina gets out for a visit this summer ask her. It's a big enough weave that I should be able to do it with my fumble-hands.

I agree that we need to clean up our own backyard before we landscape another country. We have major priority problems!

I don't have a problem with "press one for English" because we don't have an official language in the country. I do think we should have declared n 30-40 years ago when the citizenship test was only offered in English and one had to learn the most common language to survive and the be allowed to stay. (I helped my Grandmother learn to read English in the early 70s because she wanted to become Naturalized.) Now rather than learn English we print all of our documents in MANY languages. It would have been much less expensive to declare a language or dual language (English/Spanish), like Canada, than to keep printing and recording in multiple languages. I think it was short-sighted but too late to fix now. :(

Okay, that was a little carried away, but Edna, You and I both have the strong opinions because we care about our country. It's a good thing!It's important to love our country enough to see what's wrong and speak out.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

Hugs, Nani

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

I think there are a lot more serious issues going on in our country ... how about the fact that all of the media is owned by big corporations with agendas that don't include you and me. We don't get news anymore, we get propaganda and if everyone starts believing it and not questioning, they will have us all bamboozled. How about the fact that big corporations are allowed to put as much money into campaigns as they want which is far more than any of us can contribute ... so who do you think has the most influence. Our freedoms and choices are being slipped right out from under us as we stand by and watch ... not knowing any better or just not knowing what we can do. People need to vote, but find out what it is they are voting for. Do you know how many people vote for representatives that don't represent their best interest because they have been fed a pack of lies. I am worried about whether our children and grandchildren will actually live in a democracy or will they find themselves in an oligarchy run by the very rich ... and nothing left for the people. Yes, Edna, I am worried, as well we should all be. And now we go out to honor those who have died for our freedoms ... the next question will be, "what freedoms?".

So a rant begets a rant ... sorry, but I need to get it off my chest now and then. I look forward to seeing your new afhgan amd the beautiful colors. It is late and we haven't eaten yet because we bought a new grill and my son is putting it together in the garage (he is my "Joe") When he gets done we will grill hamburgers because that is all I had, but tomorrow I will get some steaks and potatoes and we will feast. Doesn't sound like the words of a person on a diet, does it :) Right now I anm so hungry I could eat the paint off of the wall. Oh my ... best go out and check on that grill. You have a nice evening (are you working?). Later, my friend.

Andrea @ From The Sol

smiekeltje said...

Every now and then we all have the urge to get some things of our chest about our country and politics.
Nothing worng with a bit of patriotism, all should be proud of their country, but Andrea is right that we are governed more by big companies and big money, although we pretend it isn;t so. Last weekend we had European Parliament elections, hahaha.
Nobody knows anything about the people who will represent us in that parliament and lots of people are really concerned about the European Union, that it is taking over too many tasks that only should be decided by the governments of the various countries. The whole basic idea was a good one, the European Union, but it has grown too big and quick, and therefor difficult to follow and understand and govern. People also worry about all the money that has to be donated by each country, and specially about the big, big loans given to poor and unstable countries, with promises all that money will be payed back to the individual countries that supplied the billions, but probably we will see back only a very small sun of that money back. And we all have problems in our countries at the moment because of the crisis, and lots of that money could be invested in our own projects, like conxtruction(specially houses and then most for people with little money)and there is health care, environment protection, pensions of the elderly etc.etc.etc.
Better stop complaining LOL, but we sometimes have to wonder if our democracy is a "free"democracy, it feels like we are governed by big money and that values and compassion are not counting anymore.

Have to post now, so leaving you with a big hug, wishing you a wonderful day.