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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Beautiful Gifts In My Mailbox

May 6, 2014

Good morning.  The sun is shining, and I think Pogo and I will go out and do some errands.  It's 52F degrees right now, and heading toward 64 degrees.   The warmth will feel good.  Lately I just can't seem to get warm.  I think Winter was too long and too cold.

Yesterday morning as I was leaving work, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful the new green leaves on the trees look against a blue sky filled with white fluffy clouds.  Have a look.  This is the gorgeous color of Spring.

I have an update on Kevin's health.  His doctor called yesterday, and Kevin has pneumonia.  He has been started on an antibiotic, and hopefully he'll be better soon.  I'd like to thank everyone for your good wishes.

I found two gorgeous surprises in my email  this morning, and I've already forwarded them on to Kevin and his Mom.  These will definitely make their day!

Kyra, you make the most beautiful scrapbook pages.  Thank you so much for these gorgeous scrap pages.  They absolutely made my day!!!  Folks, aren't these beautiful? 

That's all my news for this morning, so I'll get myself dressed, and Pogo and I will head out to the Post Office to mail off the green afghan.  Hopefully, later today the mail lady will bring us a box with a new batch of yarn.  That would be nice.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Debby said...

Still catching up here. I just read your last three posts. Hope Kevin is better soon.He sure is handsome. So is his lady....well pretty. Logo is handsome in his picture.
It is warming up here but we still have the heat on.
Is the Mrs. Getting better. Have a good rest of the week.

Annesphamily said...

I sure hope Kevin is 100 percent soon. Pneumonia is a real difficult illness to get over. Two of my girls had it when they were young. It was so hard for them. Zapped of energy. Beautiful photos and such a handsome Kevin! . Take care

smiekeltje said...

Glad you liked the layouts, and hope it will make Kevin feel a little better. Sorry to hear he is suffering from a pneumonia. But the antibiotics will do their work and he will feel some better soon. He just has to "sit"it out, and take a lot of sleep if possible.
Oh new yarn! Curious to see the colors.
You have a nice day and take in the warmth of the sun, we all do need that!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Poor Kevin, hope he is feeling much better by now.
What lovely scrap pages by Kyra, isn't she just the most talented and sweetest lady? She is always so thoughtful. I wish I could meet her in person. LOL!
Well, since it is raining, I think I will just go outside and stand in the rain, I hope it will chase some of the humidity away from us...and I hope it rains all day long, no storms, just rain.
Off to next post. Hugs!!