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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Brrrrr. It's Too Cold For Me.

November 24, 2013

Good morning.  It's sunny and cold, only about 24 degrees F.  Thanks to that cold air from Canada, it's only supposed to get up to about 28 F degrees today.  I was hoping to get out today to do a bit of shopping, but I really don't like the cold. I'll have to wait and see how I feel in a couple of hours. 

In case anyone was wondering about that ad that I posted yesterday, I tore the page out of the December 2013 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine.  This surprised me because I never expected to find ads for this type of product in this magazine.  Oh well.

There is really no news for today, so this will be a short post.  I have an interesting photo to share.  It's not a good photo, but I find it interesting so I kept it.  It's one of the moon shots that I got one morning earlier in the week. 

I put the photo into Photoshop, and added a "Painted Fall Texture" (from Bonnie at PDPA).  Then I played with the blending modes, and decided on the color blend mode.  Next I added a few birds, and shaded them with some color from the image to make them blend in better.  What do you think? 

Pogo and I  were up rather early this morning, so I spent some time finishing up addressing all my holiday card envelopes.   Hopefully, I will make it out today because I need to buy a roll of packaging tape so that I can finish up a few holiday mailer boxes.  Tomorrow, I need to get out to the post office and mail off a birthday box that needs to be delivered before the first of December. 

Ah well, all will get done.  Now I think I will make some breakfast for my little guy and me.  I gave him a bath earlier this morning and now he is snuggled down into a furry blanket.  I'll have to make his breakfast a bit tempting so that he will come out from his blanket and eat the food.

That's it for today.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea said...

You must have the same weatherman as me because we are 22 degrees and freezing. Izzi, of course, is in 7th heaven ... she loves the cold air. The only thing better is snow with the cold air. None of that in sight, thankfully (don't tell Izzi I said that).

I think your picture will be perfect for MOM ... the colors are right and I think you did a great job putting it together. I am going to have an interesting MOM post ... hope you get the chance to see it.

I am off for two days of TLC for my friend who is having surgery on her eye tomorrow morning. It is not a simple surgery and she has to stay on her back for 24 hours. I will have to help her with everything. When she had her other eye done her husband was still there ... but he passed last April. Hard times for my friend. I will also get to take care of her animal and birds. She has my favorite little Kestrel which I will be bringing home with me for a visit when I come back. She also has the Barred Owl and a little Screech Owl. Pictures are in the offing.

I have much to do today to get things ready for my husband to take care of things here. He has to do his jobs and mine when I am gone so I try to set things up to make it easier for him.

If you go out, bundle, bundle ... don't need to be catcing anything out there. Stay warm my friend and Izzi says ... "Come ons out, Pogos ... Colds air is refreshens :) Have a great day, Edna and stay warm.

Andrea @ From The Sol

aquascrap said...

Brrr that does sound cold!!! I thought we had gone back to winter here the last couple of days, have had to have the heater on but today and for the next few days our temps go up into the 30's (that would be high 80's, low 90's).

The trouble is when the temps fluctuate so much is when we seem to come down with colds and such. Hubby wasn't feeling too good earlier, feeling cold and couldn't get warm. Decided to take a drive and just the heat coming through the windows in the car warmed him up nicely.

If you do decide to go out later today rug up well and stay warm. Last thing you need is a relapse.
Have a great week with Pogo

Judy xx

The Queen Jester said...

It's even cold down here in Florida ...and windy. We're staying in with the windows clothes and I put on my sweats. Sure makes the cats cuddlier when it's chilly.

smiekeltje said...

You just have to see if it stays cold today, and if so, may be you should wait another day to go out. It depends on the weather forcast too a bit. Keep your eye on it, see what they say about tomorrows temps. But if you need to go out, you warp yourself in warm, you hear!
You are not back to 100% yet, and have to be careful to not catch another bug or virus again!
Make it a nice day,