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Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Wonderful Surprise In My Mail This Morning

November 21, 2013

Good morning.  The sun is shining, and I'm a tad bit better.  Pogo is feeling okay so it's another great day.  I got up rather early this morning and I'm beginning to get weary, so this won't be a long post.  I really should have had a nap yesterday afternoon, then I wouldn't have fallen asleep so early in the evening.  The earlier I fall  asleep, the earlier I get up in the morning. 

I did manage to pay some bills, and bag up some newspapers to be put out in the recycle bin.  I also had my coffee (still sort of yucky) and made breakfast for Pogo and me.  I would like to do a bit more wrapping today, and possibly finish addressing the last of my cards.  If I can get this done, I won't be so far behind in my holiday stuff. 

Now you know why I like to start my shopping so early in the year.  It saves me money, and it makes up for the time I lose from being sick.  I still have some shopping to do, but all in all, I'm in pretty good shape. 

I do have a beautiful scrap page to show you that Kyra made featuring Pogo.  She used her kit "Take Me Home", which you can find on her blog if you scroll back just a few posts.  I think the teddy bear is just perfect for Pogo.  He loves his stuffed toys and tucks them into the corners of his bed.  Isn't this just adorable?  Thank you so much Kyra. 

I have a couple more photos to share.  This first one is a doll that Audrey gave me a couple of years ago.  She's very beautiful, but quite delicate.  The photo next to dolly is my daughter Deanne.  The little cow bell was something I gave to my brother when he was quite sick so that he could call when he needed me.

This next photo is my beautiful Japanese Red Maple before all the leaves fell to the ground.  This tree puts on a brilliant show every November before it loses its leaves.  I used selective coloring here to make the background black and white, and then blurred it so that the tree would stand out.

Now I'm going to get started on those envelopes before it is naptime.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a wonderful day.

Hugs. Edna B.


Andrea said...

My comment will be short as well. I have a follow up appointment with my surgeon and my daughter has another (yes another)dental appointment. I have a few things I need to do around here before I leave so I will be rushing, as usual.

Love the little Pogo picture that Kyra put together. He is so cute, how could you not play with his pictures.

I went to pick up my Christmas cards yesterday and they had printed them wrong. The inside was on the back and the back was on the inside. I know I marked my prints as to the order, so it's all on them. Now I have to wait another day for them to redo them. He was PO'd, but that is not my problem. If he had done it right in the first place ...

So I am off to do my chores. Glad you are getting better slow but sure. Try not to over do lest you have a relapse ... don't want that, right? Catch you tomorrow, Edna ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

Debby said...

Thank you for your sweet comment. Deb, is going to need lots of prayers. She has a mass on her colon and it has spread to her liver. She thought she had the flu when she went to the ER. I can't put all of this on my blog because she is a reader. Such a sweet lady she is.
Take it slow on your recovery. You are a lot farther ahead than I am for Christmas. Going on the cruise depleted my funds and I am still building them back up for shopping. Christmas will be here before we know it so I need to get busy. I enjoy shopping for my little ones. The older ones are so picky.
That picture of Pogo is precious. So is he.
Take care and (((((HUGS))))

Nani said...

Kyra does some wonderful scrapbook work! Pogo was a good theme scrap too. ;-)

Glad to hear you’re feeling better but always so sad when coffee doesn’t taste good, yet. You’re doll is just gorgeous. Deanne is so pretty and one can definitely see the family resemblance with you.

I just love your Japanese Red Maple! I have yet to try to do something with selective coloring. What you did to the background to bring it out even more is spectacular. There will be a time when you’ll get an email from me asking how to do that. :-)

Do what you need to keep feeling better!
Hugs, Nani

The Queen Jester said...

Your Japanese maple is stunning. I had planted one a couple of years before we sold the house and I always wonder how it's doing, or if it's still alive. Wisconsin is pretty far north for those, but we keep trying.

smiekeltje said...

Nice that i brought you a smile with Pogo's layout LOL!
The doll is lovely, and so is the picture of Deanne!
And so sweet you have the little bell Artie used. It brings back memories, doesn;t it?
Your maple tree is absolutely gorgeous!
Now you may feel a bit better already, but take care, take small steps and don;t get too tired. Definately today you should take a little nap in the afternoon!
It's also time, I think, the taste of coffee comes back to you!!
Have a lovely day, my friend