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Monday, March 4, 2013

Pogo Meets A New Friend

March 4, 2013

Good morning, good morning.  We have arrived safely in Florida.  What a long travel day.  It started early in the morning , about 5 a.m., and ended a little after midnight.  But folks, I have to tell you that my little Pogo is a fantastic traveler.  He made himself comfy in his carry bag, and slept through most of the flight.  Not once did he make a sound.

Our plane had been delayed for two hours, so it was late when we finally got our rental car and headed for the condo.  Before we headed for Kissimmee, I took Pogo for a walk on some grass.  The Florida grass must smell different from Massachusetts grass because Pogo was having the grandest time running here and there smelling everything he could.

After picking up a few groceries, we finally got to our condo.  But lo and behold, Pogo was in for a really big treat.  The folks who had been staying here before us must have gone home and left their little dog behind.  The fabulous part is that their little dog, (I've nick named him Pogogo) looks exactly like Pogo, even wears the same clothes. 

Pogo spent hours trying to play with Pogogo, and to let him know who was boss here.  Of course, he got frustrated now and then because Pogogo wouldn't come out from behind his window and play.  I took a couple of photos to share.

The dining area here has two large "floor to ceiling" mirror panels, and they are a constant source of intrigue for Pogo.  As you can see, he still has his jacket and shirt on because it was a bit chilly when we got here. 

Also, since we've been here, he has been very good about using his potty patch (which I brought along with me).   Just a couple of tiny misplaced sprinkles (all on tile, thank goodness).  I am so proud of this little guy. 

This morning, he is napping on the sofa while I type this post.  You'll notice, that even in his "sleep" he keeps his eye on me. 

Today is Mandarin Orange Monday, so I'll post this photo there too.  If you love photography, you should really have a look at this wonderful photo site.  Folks from all over post beautiful images there every week.  Maybe you'd like to join the fun too?

Miss Audrey is still sleeping, but later after breakfast and a shower, we shall head out for a wicked fun day.  Of course, a flea market is at the top of our "to do" list.  I just love flea markets!!  Audrey's mouse (for her laptop) took it's last breath last night, so maybe we can find her a new one today.  And I need new scrunchie ties for my hair.  I usually buy them here every year at the local flea market.

I also want to start going for walks every day too.  After getting a close up and unforgiving look at myself in these big mirrors, I think this is the time to get serious about dropping a few pounds.  There seems to be just a little too much fluff on this adorable little body.   Groan, groan, did I just say "adorable"?  I think I need another cup of coffee!

Well, that's my news for this morning.  I'll try to have lots more tomorrow.  Till then, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

p.s.  I almost forgot.  Here's the page for March from my calendar.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos ~ love your little doggie ~ glad you arrived safely in FL ~ Your photo looks familiar ~ enjoy and hopefully when you return to MA it will be Spring!

Andrea said...

So good to hear form you and know that your travel was successful. Good for Pogo ... I knew he would be good at it. I Love the mirror sequence. I have seen cats have the same reaction to mirrors when they go to the floor. Not so much on bathroom counters ... hmmmmm.

Oh Boy, Flea Markets in Florida. They are the best. I used to love to scan a flea market for the "great antique find". Once in awhile I would get lucky. Don't do that much any more, mainly because the flea markets here have become more like garage sales. Not very exciting.

Those are winter weight pounds you are carrying, meant to help keep you warm. You don't need them in Florida, but who knows when you go back to MA. We are supposed to get another 10 to 12 inches of snow tomorrow. Enough already! Anyway, dieting on vacation doesn't work well for me. I have an automatice hunger bell that goes off as soon as I leave my driveway. But, walking would be good. Build up some stamina and muscles so when you get home it will be easier to get rid of those extras. Good luck. Of course when you walk in Florida, you must take your camera ... around every corner there may be a surprise.

Well, I need to run to the store to make sure I have everything I need until Wednesday. My daughter is supposed to go to the dentist again tomorrow and we will have to cancel again ... the tooth ache seems to have subsided, but it still really needs to be taken care of. So I am off, feeling good that you have arrived safely and have a wonderful two weeks to look forward to ... Enjoy, Edna.

Andrea @ From The Sol

Maria @ LSS said...

Beautiful photos. Summer Body

HansHB said...

Nice post!

Nani said...

I’m glad you arrived safely, if a little later than hoped. Pogo and Pogogo are a cute pair! It’s almost like seeing double! ;)

As we haven’t had a high above freezing for a few days and there is pending snow, In my mind I’m grabbing a cup of coffee and joining you on the terrace. I’m giving Pogo a scritch and here no cats talking trash to each other and telling us which one(s) to send back to the shelter. (It’s been 3 weeks and it usually takes about 6 before they start to get along better) I like both, but community spirit is definitely an area where dogs are more fun!

Enjoy Florida! And I think “adorable” is a great word for you! :)

Hugs, Nani

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

So happy you had a safe flight and got to your destination without any problems.
Pogo is a good to watch them play with mirrors...too funny!
Hope you vacation is a lovely one! Hugs, Mat

Anonymous said...
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The Queen Jester said...

So good to see you've arrived safe and sound and that Pogo did well on the flight. He'll have so many adventures on vacation!

smiekeltje said...

Fantastic that you arrived safely and well in Florida. Oh you got me smiling about Pogo's "new friend"LOL! Always great to see the reaction of our pets to a mirror!!!
You enjoy the lovely weather as much as you can, and yes, every day a walk could do great things for your beautiful body! GRIN!
Oh flea markets are wonderful to visit!
Hope you find some more bargains and great stuff.
Have a lovely day and days to come

Anonymous said...
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