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Monday, March 25, 2013

My Beautiful Orange Car

March 25, 2013

It is 6:10 a.m. and the sky is beginning to lighten.  In a little while I can go home to Pogo.  It's been a long weekend.  Folks, I have enabled comment moderation for a while in order to stop a lot of the junk that has been showing up in the comments section.  I can't believe that folks actually enjoy themselves by going around to different blogs and dumping all this junk. 

It's time for Mandarin Orange Monday, and I'm taking my cue from Andrea at From The Sol.  She found a lovely red tractor and turned it orange.  Soooooo, I decided to treat myself to an orange car.  As you all know, orange is my favorite color, but my car is garnet red.  Hyundai hasn't come up with a pretty orange car yet.  (Their idea of orange is actually more like rust.)

The original photo of my car was taken the end of February, just before I left for Florida.  I used the "replace color" in Photoshop and tweaked it just a tiny bit.  Oh my, I think I'm really liking this new car!!  If it were metallic, it would be even better!

I have the Weather Channel on so that I can find out more about the snow that is headed our way.  Gosh, there is still so much snow left in my yard.  They are forecasting the snow to come during the night.  Here's hoping it is just a dusting.

I'm also watching the videos of the hurricane winds in Orlando, Florida.  Wow, I guess I came home at the right time.   Virginia to New York are getting snow right now.   This is probably the snow that we will be getting during the night tonight. 

Here's a photo of some tulips that are coming up through the Winter debris.  They want so badly to believe that it is really Spring. 

Now it's time for me to check on the Mrs one more time (she's sleeping) and then pack up my stuff.  It's almost time for me to go home.  Woo Hoo!  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

8 comments: said...

Neat shot for MOM and great photo editing ~ Enjoy ^_^

Stay warm, cozy and safe ~ Spring or Summer can't be far behind ~

joanne said...

How can this car be in ice? It's spring, or so the calendar says....

Nani said...

I'm with the tulips; Bring on spring! The nasty heavy wet snow we gt today has just trampled my budding yellow crocuses. :(

Between your Saturday and last night/this morning, you need another vacation! Or at least some warmth to change things around!

I like your orange car. There must be a way to make it metallic in PS too!

I use comment moderation and I like it. It doesn't take too long before the spammers start to remove you from their lists because it's a waste of their time to target you. I always read my new comments anyway, so it's no extra effort for me.

Keep warm!
Hugs, Nani

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Terrific photos as usual. Love the shade of orange you made your car too! Hope you don't get much snow. We got a little rain and lots and lots of thunder and wind, but no hail. Old man winter decided to drop us to a hard freeze last night and will be back in the high 70's again by Wednesday. CRAZY!!! Hope you and Pogo have had a great day, get some rest and chat with you more later!
Hugs, Mat

The Queen Jester said...

Cool car - I forget about the color substition feature. When I colored the dog green for St Paddy's Day I used a brush and went over him, but the other way might have been easier.

Liz said...

Great shots.

My MoM entry.

smiekeltje said...

It's about time you won't have any more snow. All plants are a bit confused by now.They do need a bit warmer weather, some gentle rain and sunshine.
Just like we need it.
Sometimes they come in bunches, those "soam"comments. I always do first approval before publishing the comments.
Then you can skip the annoying ones and report the addresses as spam in Blogger.
Well, who knows, may be one day you will be driving an orange car for real LOL!

lorik said...

So you did end up transforming your car to orange:))!!
Great work! Love the icy, frosty effects too. Maybe I should make my red car orange too.... if only I really did have an orange friend has one:)
Thank you for sharing it on Mandarin Orange Monday.

And Happy Spring to you:)