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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Gosh, Where Has The Week Gone?

March 9, 2013

Do you believe that it's already Saturday?   I have been enjoying Audrey's company tremendously, and now we only have one day left to play.  Boo Hoo Hoo. 

There have been a couple of scrapbook moments this past week.  The other day, we stopped by "JoAnn's Fabric Shop " to check out the fabrics and notions.  My legs were already quitting on me, so I decided to use the "electric" cart provided by the store. 

I've never ridden one of these in a department store, and I must say that this turned out to be quite an experience.  Thank goodness I look rather elderly because people just smile and get out of my way.  I found that it was not so easy to turn a corner without taking a customer or two with me.  Audrey spent a lot of her time there directing me and making sure the other customers stayed clear of me.  Gosh almighty!  I sure did have me a ton of fun!  (Audrey took this photo with her phone.) By the way, Pogo is inside that carry bag in the basket on the cart.)

Yesterday afternoon, we stopped by "Old Town" (one of the local sights) so that Audrey could check out the rocks and beads.  Pogo and I just meandered slowly around doing a bit of people watching.  When we left here, we headed back to one of the flea markets to pick up a couple of things.

One vendor had a few little "soft-sided" doggie house/beds, and I wanted to get one for Pogo.  The one I had ordered for him a while back did finally arrive back home a couple of days ago, but we can use two of these.  As soon as we got back to the condo, we set up the little dog house. 

I have to tell you that we laughed so hard we were crying at Pogo's antics with his new little house.  He walked around it, sniffing every inch of it, then had to stomp it down a few times.  After this, he went inside and tried attacking it from in there.  

Because the house is made of padded fabric, his actions kept making the little house roll over.  Eventually, he decided that he rather liked his new little house and crawled in and had himself a long nap.  In this first photo, Pogo is trying to chew Auntie Audrey's finger off for laughing at his antics.  Folks, this was the best ten dollars I've spent in a long time!

 Today we'll probably go for a walk, or just sit out on the porch and relax together.   Su was going to try to get here by today, but I haven't heard from her in a couple of days so we shall see.  It looks as though I'll be getting caught up on some of my photo classes.  But that is a good thing too. 

Well, that's all the news for this morning.  Pogo's hinting that it might be a good idea to get breakfast started.  lol.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

That Pogo is just too darn funny in his little house. I've often wondered about those electric carts and how hard they are to fun. I'd probably take out entire displays with it...but that might be fun too.

smiekeltje said...

Thanks for making me smile reading your post! The electric cart was fabulous and also Pogo's new doggie house!
Wonderful you are having such a tremendous time there.
Have some more fun with Audrey on her last day.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

My, my, my...Pogo is not not spoiled is he? LOL! Don't we just love to shower our fur babies with attention? I know I do, cause you just get unconditional love back from them! He sure looks happy in his new house. I even bought one of those houses for my girls to hide in! They "fight" over it too!
So happy you are having a wonderful time away and with you visit with Audrey. Make the best of it.
Don't ya love the carts? I had to use one when I had my knee replaced, they are fun, but some not so easy to operate as others! Glad Pogo got to go for a ride in it too!
Well, have a beautiful Sunday together! Chat more later! Hugs, Mat

Nani said...

Between your description and the photos, I was laughing right along with you and Audrey! (I guess that means I'd get my fingers bitten if I was there too...Don't tell Pogo I laughed!)

Those motorized store scooters have feisty get up and go, don't they? I do get looks when I use them, or anyway I think I do, but if I tried to walk there'd be even more looks! I think it's great that they have them and well, good for business too! If a customer's legs are quitting on them, it doesn't mean their mind or pocketbook is broken! :)

K, now I need to grab another cup of coffee and warm up the rest of the vicarious way in Sunny Florida and get caught up. :)

Hugs, Nani