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Friday, March 8, 2013

Good Lord!! My House Is Buried In Snow!

March 8, 2013

Good morning from sunny Florida.  Yes'm, I am loving the weather and temps here.  Joe just called me from back home.  Yesterday there was so much snow in our yard that he had to call in a plow to move some of it around.  This morning, he woke up to another foot and a half of snow in  the yard, and it is still falling.  He will be calling the plow guy to come back and plow again. 

Gosh almighty, I hope the snow is all gone before I get back home.  Right now, Joe says you cannot see my car.  It is just a big mountain of snow.  Oh goodie, goodie!  I just hope the snow plow does not plow into my car!

Today is Photo Art Friday, and I have a little something to share.   I used Bonnie's (PDPA)  "Scratched Lens" texture, and the "Difference" blend mode in Photoshop to alter my original photo.  I call this "Fandango" because it looks like those huge feather fans that strippers used when they danced.

And for the curious, here is the original photo.  As you can see, the wind was blowing, making this an interesting picture.

I took photos of my knitting project to share.  As I said before, I'm not sure yet what this will be when it is finished.  Only time will tell.   The closeup almost looks good enough to be cake frosting. 

Yesterday, we treated ourselves to a couple of small goodies from "Best Buy", plus the newest version of "Printshop".  Years ago, I used to make all my own greeting cards, and I'm thinking that I may just start doing it again.  This is the program that I used for my cards and a lot of other projects.

Audrey is making us another fabulous breakfast, and Pogo is trying to rush me through this post so that I can pay attention to him.   He's also been trotting to and from his food dish to let me know that he is hungry.   One day, he actually tried to bring me the dish but that proved to be too difficult a task.  Oh, he does try!!

Now I'm off to get dressed and start this wonderful new day.  Till tomorrow, Y'all stay safe and try to have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Kerri said...

Oh I LOVE how your art turned out! It looks GREAT!

Mats World said...

Lovely art experiment. Great job. Yep, I thought of you this morning when they were saying how much snow Mass. got and thinking you and Pogo are sure happy to be in FL...LOL!
I planted some flowers yesterday as we are to get rain tomorrow and Sunday. the temps are through with the freezes here I hope~:)
Y'all seem to be having a great time, love the water shots too, elegant egret and lovely duck, but the water would make a lovely texture for backgrounds, huh? ;)
Chat more later, got too many errands to do today so gotta get off this computer!!! Hugs, Mat

Linda Kittmer said...

Lucky you to be in Florida and missing all the snow! Wish I was there too! I love your image. The texture and line in those palm fronds are wonderful. As for your knitting, I see a sea urchin in the shape of the first image. Interesting that you're knitting without knowing what it will become. As an artist, I work that way all the time, but I hadn't realized that a knitter might do that too.

NatureFootstep said...

I like what you did to the palm. :)

Anonymous said...

Love your knitting project!
and the picture for PAF is beautiful!

Mary Ann Roesler said...

Finally checking in...glad Pogo did such a great job traveling. We are finally settleing in to our condo. Promise to dig out my camera soon and send you photos.
Great knitting. Enjoy Audrey...are the cranes by the Japanese market? Mary Ann

Andrea said...

My goodness you are a busy lady ... isn't it wonderful to be doing what you choose to do for two weeks. All of your projects ... I hope you are able to finish them before you go home.

I love your PAF art. It is awesome both in the coloring and the way you positioned the fronds so they look like feathers. You should do more thing with your art ... you are really good at it.

I used to knit ... in fact I pick it up once in awhile. Very relaxing if you know what you are doing ... I don't and I go into a panic attack if I drop a stitch, so that is probably why I don't pursue it more often. You on the otherhand are creating a lovely ... shall we say something that I am willing to bet will end up as a cozy for Pogo's little house, yes? I mean, only the best for your little guy, right?

Izzi went for a bath this morning. I take her to the "Barker Shop" (clever huh?). They allow the dogs that are drying or not being worked on to wonder around the shop and play together ... she loves it, but is always happy to come home when I come to get her. Anyway, she smells pretty and has a little bow on her buttski. I think it is cute, but she thinks she is a tomboy and doesn't like the frillies.

I was hoping you would be close to some of their many nature preserves so you could get pictures of some of the exotic birds while you are there. I love the little grey duck you saw ... don't have any idea what kind of duck he is. I didn't see the egret ... but another time perhaps.

It sounds like you really have a handle on how to relax ... good for you. You should enjoy every minute of this vacation. You have been looking forward to it for so long. And, here's hoping you will come home to the 40's and 50's we are starting to get here. That should help get rid of all of the snow. Ours is beginning to shrink ... fingers crossed, we won't get any more. Well, by friend ... keep up the good play time and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. I will be getting back from my outing about the same time as you so we can compare notes on our adventures. Be well, Be Safe and licks to Pogo from Izzi ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

Bonnie said...

A lovely edit, Edna! Who knew you could turn a palm tree into strippers' feathers!!

smiekeltje said...

Oh how good you are in Florida now and not at home! Gosg had no idea you had there again so much snowfall!
Knowing this the more you can enjoy the Florida weather!
And great you have the knowledge that Joe is taking care of home situations!
Hahaha, I sometimes too start knitting or crocheting without knowing what it will become. I guess too that it will end up in Pogo's doghouse?????
Doesn;t matter, as long as you like doing it and it keeps you busy.
Have another wonderful day, with lots of fun.

Ida said...

This is so cool. Love it.

Kathy said...

Very pretty and it does look like feathers.