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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finding Our Way Around

March 7, 2013

Good afternoon.  It's just lovely here this morning.  At the moment, we are enjoying a cup of coffee while we check on emails and such.  When the time comes, it will be nice to get home, but I sure will miss this. 

Yesterday, we went looking for a couple of parks in hopes of seeing some birds to photograph.   The first one appeared to be just a glorified doggie poo park.  Goodness, it was everywhere!  Pogo thought he had died and gone to heaven with so many goodies to sniff.  Wrong!!  We got back in the car and went to find the other park.  

Finally, we found the other park.  But, right at the entrance there was a sign "No vehicles allowed."  Well now, how are we supposed to get in there and where do we leave the car?  The entrance was the beginning of a dirt road.  We decided to ignore the sign and drive in.  This turned out to be good because we drove right into the parking area.  Oh well.

There was one egret here in the water.  While we were trying to get photos of it, a cute little duck swam by and I turned my attention to it.  Look at the amazing patterns on the water.  These are caused by the overhead trees and hanging moss.  (I think.)

The little duck swam toward a shadier part of the little pond, and I was able to get another great shot of the amazing colors and patterns on the water.

We may go back there today and try to find the turtles that we discovered in one of our photos.  We'll also stop by the local JoAnn's store to look over their fabrics.  Who knows what goodies we will find there.  I ordered a few jewelry findings on-line to make up a couple of holiday gifts.  See?  I think ahead!

I've also been knitting something really pretty.  I have no clue what it will be when it is finished though.  It can either be a fuzzy warm shawl, or a nice warm lap blanket.  It all depends on how long it takes me to work it up.

I was meaning to start up my photo classes while I was here, but I've been having too much fun to hunker down to classwork.  Maybe next week. 

Now it's time to get dressed and find some fun mischief to get into.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.  Hopefully all that snow and bad weather will be cleared up before it's time to go home.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

You are so disciplined! I could just picture Pogo running around exploring all the neat smells in his new area. I'm glad you found some birds to watch and photo. My knitting projects pretty much end at dishclothes. Maybe someday I'll learn to do more than that. You have a great day enjoying the sunshine and warm weather.

smiekeltje said...

Well, as it is also Pogo's holiday it was a good place to find the 1st parc LOL.
But for you the second is much better.
I still have to make a picture of my knitting, all the time I forget to do it. May be this weekend.
Here the weather is really nice, with nice temps around 55 but during the weekend it will drop awefully, for about 41 only! So better go out today, when it is still nice.
Curious to know what you will be up to today LOL!