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Monday, May 28, 2012

Such A Pretty Moon Last Night

May 28, 2012

Good morning.  It's only 7:20 a.m. and I have my front door open to let in the cool fresh air.  After yesterday's mugginess, the cool feels really good.  It's also easier to breathe.  This week, Eddie will be putting in my air conditioners so that I can use the dehumidifier on them. 

Yesterday was a busy day.  Tootsie and Joe and I made a second trip to Home Depot to buy more marigolds and wooden edgings for the flower garden.  When we got back home, Joe got all the new flowers planted and watered.  Pretty soon, he'll get the little fence edging around the flower garden on the other side of the house, and then we'll have an idea of how much more we might need to finish all of it.  I'll definitely be taking some photos to share.

Last night I went outside to get a photo of the moon.  All my trees are quite full and leafy, but the moon was in just the right spot for me to take a photo.  (Yes, Mary Ann, it's hand held.)

While I was out there, I took some photos of the rose bush just outside my door.    This plant has a history and I won't cut it down.   Back in the late 90's, my daughter Kerri brought me a beautiful yellow rose bush which we planted in the little garden just outside my door.  It only had yellow roses on it the first two years. 

After that, it began growing rather quickly, but no more blossoms.  Then it started getting these beautiful little white blossoms which only bloom every other year.  My birds love this bush.  It's a great place to hide and to get out of the heat.  Here's my rose bush at night.  As you can see, it constantly needs trimming.

Tomorrow, I'll have photos of my pink rose tree to share.  It's getting so big and beautiful.  I bought some new spray to help get rid of the bugs, and Kyra gave me another method to try using garlic water.  For the recipe, see the comments on yesterdays blogpost.

Today, the laundry needs catching up (clothes this time, not scatter rugs!)  Plus I want to make up a pan of stuffed peppers for supper.  I'll try to take note of how much of what I put into it, and put that recipe here.

Now I think I'll enjoy another cup of coffee and make some breakfast for Tootsie and me.  She's slowing down a bit more, but she's like energizer bunny.  She just keeps on going!  You gotta love this little girl.  That's all the news for this morning.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Lovely moon and wow what a huge rose bush. Have a great week ahead. Caught up now~ :)! Mat

Nani said...

Summer just slows everyone in Blogland down. But, you manage to work, plant, spend time with Tootsie AND blog every day; how do you do it?? :)

Do they make those adult trikes with seat backs? I’d love to try one out, but I have to have the back support.

That picture the Mrs asked you to take was indeed wonderful!

Way to go, Jasmine! I can totally understand your Grandma-pride!

Yes, food on the grill is just better than food in the kitchen

Those were very nice night-shots last night.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day, raise a glass to the heroes on earth and in Heaven who’ve defended our wonderful country.

Hugs, Nani

The Queen Jester said...

I can't believe you are able to hand hold steady enough to shoot the moon! I guess it's time for me to cut back on the caffeine....or just resign myself to using the tripod.

smiekeltje said...

Oh, that rose is a beauty!
And I can understand you want to keep it always, with such a memory hanging on to it!
I have the same with my hydrangea, with the white flowers. It's very dear to me, it will never go out, as long as it blooms.
I hope the garlic-tip will help!