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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sort Of Good News, Sort Of Bad News

February 23, 2012

Good morning.  Lookee, lookee!   I have my blog back.  At least some of it sometimes.  Wayne was here for a couple of hours last night, and some of the news isn't too bad, and some of it isn't so good.  He was able to get back my blogger on the desktop PC so that I could at least post.  But there is still a problem with the desktop PC, so that is all I'm supposed to do on it for now. 

As for my laptop,  that one looks like it might be a goner.  At least until it is wiped clean and started over.   I'm so glad that I got that little laptop.  I'll still be able to do some work on it and hopefully keep on posting.  The problem, it seems, is that something somehow came in through Google or another blog and messed up all my Google stuff and my internet movements. 

So, I spent part of last night making a list of all my programs, and making sure that I will be able to re-install most of them without too much trouble.  Wayne will take the laptop home with him tomorrow and work on it while I am on vacation.  Meanwhile, I had just finished making a copy of all my files on an external hard drive.  Some days I'm so smart that I surprise myself!

I had some questions about "Broadband 2Go" which I will try to answer.  It is a 3G Nationwide Wireless Internet USB device from Virgin Mobile, and looks like a thumb drive.  I bought mine at Best Buy for $100, but Walmart also carries it for $20 less.  (Of course, Best Buy  gave me a $30 gift card to spend on something else.)   I let the Geek Squad install it for me.  With my track record lately, I thought this was a good move. 

I bought a $50 Virgin Mobile top-up card which will give me unlimited email, web browsing, and downloads for a month.  There is no contract required, so you buy your time to fit your needs.  They have several $ denominations to choose from.   This works similar to a cell phone.  If there is cell coverage where you are, you are on the internet.   I hope this helps somewhat.

Today's photos were taken last Friday at work.  On the next lot over from the Mrs, there is a small horse barn.  When one of the horses poked its' head out to look around, I tried to take a few photos.  Unfortunately, because of the distance and the various branches between me and the horse,  getting nice clear photos was not going to happen.  But I do have a couple that I can share.

When I get a chance, I am going to go over the barn and corral area and get some really good photos.  The horses are just so beautiful.  I'll have to remember to take some snacks with me.

Yesterday, Jazzy and I went to the nail salon, and she had her nails done up in a "crackle" design which was rather pretty.  This morning, Jazzy and her brother Kevin are coming over to clean up a lot of the leaves that are still in my yard.  So, on that note, I think I should get busy here and get dressed.   Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

Thank you for sharing the info on Broadband 2 Go, this sounds like something that might work well. I'll have to check with Sprint and see if they have something like this to make sure I'm not duplicating anything. I like the idea of just paying for when you need it. I think with the smart phone I can create a "hot spot" that allows internet access but haven't tried it yet. So much to learn! I love the horses - they are such beautiful creatures. And I'm glad your internet is back.

Nani said...

Thanks for the quick sales pitch on Broadband2Go! That's kind of what I thought it was and it's exactly what David is looking for so we don't have to find a McDonald's every time he wants to check a train spotter site when we railfan.

The horse is so cute saying "hi!"

Sorry to hear about the computer woes. I wonder if I can into contact with computer sniffles when my Internet Explorer got zapped? I think maybe I should uninstall the program to be safe.

Glad you're at least able to post!

Hugs, Nani