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Sunday, April 10, 2011

One In A Million For Only A Million

April 10, 2011

Good morning.  It's still a bit cool outside, 42 degrees F, but the weatherman promises we'll get up to about 60 F.  And, of course, some rain later today and tomorrow going into Tuesday and Wednesday.  I planted some daffodils yesterday, so  they will probably be happy with a nice long drink. 

I talked with the landscaper yesterday, and the figure he quoted me to do all the loam and hydragrass is a big chunk of change, but it will look so much nicer when it is all done.  The first appointment I could get is two weeks away, and already I'm antsy because I want to see what it looks like now.  I am so impatient!!

Yesterday, I read my new email from Costco, and wowser!!  What a bargain I did find!!  They have a 6.77 carat diamond ring set in platinum on sale.  There's only one, and it is valued at $1,601,875.00.  But right now you can get it for only $1 million ($US).  Folks, this is a steal and a one of a kind, so hurry to Cosco if you want this beauty!!

Is this not spectacular?  It's too bad there is only one of them.  A pair of these diamonds would make a super duper FANTASTICO pair of earrings!!  I would need buckets hanging off each shoulder to catch my ear lobes so they wouldn't hit the ground!!!  Oh wow, the woman in me would love this.  The practical person in me says it's bit too expensive for my budget.  How come I couldn't have been born rich instead of beautiful?  (It's fun to dream though.)

I have to start buckling down now and think about the next collab kit for May.  Any ideas for themes would be most appreciated.  Hmmmm, May is for Mother's Day and Memorial Day.  Any more ideas?

Now I'm off to get Tootsie her morning meds, and then I think we'll have a little nap.  It's back to work tonight so we need to get some rest.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

We had a fabulous thunderstorm last night and were able to have the window open a crack. It's supposed to hit 80 today and then back to the 50's and 60's. Weather in wisconsin.

smiekeltje said...

Don't you think the diamond ring is a bit amll for the price? And somehow it sounds a bit cheap, only $ 1.000.000, definately not our style LOL LOL LOL !
Keep us updated about your seedlings! Expecting some pics!
Have to go noe, qickly post and then get some things done here! Have a great day!