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Friday, April 30, 2010

Magickal Scraps Forum Is Back!!

April 30, 2010
Good morning. It's still a bit early to see what the weather holds for us today. I have just been watching the weather channel for about 15 minutes to see what the forecast is, but they seem to be discussing everything except the weather. So I guess I will just wait and see.

Check the date here!! Do you realize that today is the last of April? Four months have just flown by, and tomorrow is the first of May!! I remember when I was very young and celebrating May Day was a day to deliver little baskets of flowers to neighbors and shut-ins, and dancing around a Maypole.

Today is the last day that I will be posting the links for the Magickal Scraps Daily Download kit. Our forum is safe to go back to, so you will be able to go back there for the links starting tomorrow. What a nice feeling to have our forum back together again. And the challenges will be starting up again too. Unfortunately, the news isn't so good yet for our shop. That will still take a while before it can be re-built.

Yesterday afternoon, Tootsie had xrays to determine what and where the lump under her jaw was. It showed that the lump was not attached to any bones, so there was still the possibility that it is an abscess, and can be treated with antibiotics, which we started last night. She also had a biopsy done, and hopefully we will get those results back later today.

For now, she is taking pain meds along with the antibiotic and her regular meds. All this on top of her chemo. She has two more treatments today, and hopefully we will not have to go back for anything else for another month. Any wonder why I love this little girl so?
How about some really pretty tulip photos today? Tulips come in so many different colors and styles, it is just amazing. Here are some really beautiful purple fringed ones, some with peppermint stripes, and some near by daffodils.

I just looked out the window, and lo and behold!! The sun is peeking out over the tops of the trees, so I guess we are in for another gorgeous day. I can really dig this wonderful weather. It's time for me get us ready for Tootsie's morning chemo appointment.
I posted your April Day 30 link earlier, so you will find it just below this post. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.


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Nani said...

Oh I love those fringy tulips!

Poor Tootsie to have to be on so many meds, but she has an awesome Mom to take care of her so!

YAY for the forums being back! I hope the shop can be restored soon!

Happy Friday, my friend!! :)