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Monday, August 3, 2009

New Layouts To Share With You

August 3, 2009

Today is just a lovely day outside. Not quite as hot as it has been, and quite sunny. According to the weatherman, the whole week is supposed to be terrific. I certainly do hope he was telling us the truth.

Last night, I managed to finish a color challenge for GDS, and one for Magickal Scraps. This morning, I made a layout for the "S" Challenge also. For "Misty August Morning," I used a kit made by Christy Skaggs - "100 Percent Girl." The photo that I used is one I took this morning around 6:30 am.

For the "S" Challenge at Magickal Scraps, I made a layout with a Canine Spell to keep your canine friends safe and happy. And of course, I blended a photo of Miss Tootsie onto the layout.

I recently ordered some new books, and was surprised when they arrived in only a few days. Among them, are two new spell books. Now don't get nervous, I don't do mean spells on people. I do, however, enjoy reading them and learning some of the fun spells like the one I used on my layout. I suppose I could be tempted to do a mean one, but with my luck, the spell would come back and haunt me forever. No thank you, I think I'll just behave myself.
I can hear you chuckling there in the background, but a lot of them really do work. Ask me how I know. Because, I've used a few of them in the past and they worked quite well. I can't tell you which ones they were and when I did them, because that's like playing "Kiss and Tell." Not nice.
Now that I've gotten your curiosity up, I will take my leave. I want to play a bit with Miss Tootsie before I have my nap. Till tomorrow, y'all have a fantastic day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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