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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Having Fun With Friends

August 22, 2009

Well Good Morning. Gosh, I almost hate to get up, my bed is so comfy now. Ahhh, but life goes on and there is still lots of work to do. My daughter Dee is having a beach party today in her driveway. Let's all hope the raindrops stay away till after the party.

First they fill the whole driveway up with beach sand, then comes all the party trimmings. A bar stocked with lots of good things to drink and eat, grass skirts, beach chairs, umbrellas, beach toys and games, the whole nine yards. I don't think I want to volunteer for clean up duty afterwards.

Let's get back to yesterday morning's little black visitor. Turns out, it was a freshwater crayfish. I always thought they only lived in salt water. Surprise, surprise. The poor little thing must have taken a wrong turn, because he came at least a half mile, maybe more, out of his way to the wrong place.

He's a lucky little bugger I don't eat much seafood. If I did though, you would need a whole pan of these to make a meal. The only seafood I like is FRESH haddock, scallops, and tuna salad.

How about an update of Miss Tootsie? She's managing quite well, but there are some obvious changes. She doesn't play with her ball anymore. It's not so easy to chase after something you can't see. See seems to be losing her sense of smell too. So this makes things a lot more difficult for her. However, she does a pretty good job of getting around the house. She moves slowly and cautiously. I only have to look at her to realize that my aches and pains don't mean much.

I will be posting your QP freebies on Monday and Tuesday coming up. That will be the end of those two sets of Fantasy QP's. I really enjoy making them, so maybe there will be some more later.

Last night I posted a layout in the forum, asking Snow Raven about the upcoming chat project. Then I sat back and waited for the fall-out. It didn't take long. Kyra spotted it first and ran fast as she could to Snow Raven and tattled on me. We did have a grand laugh though. Gosh, I love these girls. We have so much fun together, and we all live in different countries!!

I'm off now to check out what's happening with all the dwarfs. Y'all have a really grand day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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Snowy said...

Had to laugh again when I saw the layout,lol. So what's happening with all the Dwarfs?? The Beach Party sounds great ,lol, but I agree with you about cleaning up. Hey I managed to get some music back on my blog -onlt playing one track in the moment , but I'll figure out how to add more,lol.If you see Erik remind him that I'll be phoning usual time please - would hate to get the damn voicemail again,lol. Hope you did not tell him about how naughty I was last night -ROFL