Monday, March 11, 2019

Some Days I Just Can't Win!

March 11, 2019

Good morning.  (although it's almost noon time)  I'm sorry I did not get to post yesterday but I had a bit of a problem with my hard drive.  At home, I took a lot of stuff off my big laptop and put it on an external hard drive to make my laptop work better.  Yesterday, I bought some new scrap kits from Tiny Turtle Designs and had lots of problems trying to open them. 

Problem was, they were all infected with a virus.  This, in turn, wiped out a lot of my stuff on the external hard drive.  I lost an awful lot of stuff.  Photos, kits, patterns, recipes, and all current work.  Needless to say, crying over  it just wasn't going to bring any of it back.  (Ripping my hair out worked better!  Not to worry, I kept a few hairs so I wouldn't be totally bald.)

We went to WalMart and I bought a new hard drive so that I could try to save what I could of what I had left.  Last night, I started moving things over to it.  Oh joy, oh joy.  Just what I was hoping to be doing.

Sunday started off really early for us.  At 2:45 a.m. Audrey and I headed over to the parking area in front of the office to wait for her shuttle bus to  pick her up and take her to the airport.  She had a really early flight.  Her ride hadn't even come yet, and already I was missing her.  I took this photo of her while we waited for the shuttle bus. It's dark out there, but the lights from the office keep the area fairly well lit.

Joe sent me a photo that he took from his bedroom window.  Our turkey friends came by looking for something good to eat, so he put out more bird seed and some crushed corn.  And yes, it was snowing again there. 
The last couple of years, we noticed a new divider wall being put up between our property and the empty land next to us.  (here at  the resort)  This land has been empty for all the years I've been coming here.  (since 1985)  This year, the wall is finished and there are new hotel/motel rooms on the other side of it.  I guess we won't be watching any more fireworks from Disney. 
The new units are built right up close to the wall.  I don't understand the logic in this, but then they didn't ask for my opinon.  Unless the folks in these new units keep their curtains closed, we'll be able to look right into their units.  Not a very smart move, I think.  Here's a photo I took of our driveway view.
On a happy note, I got a lovely surprise in my email this morning.  My friend Kyra made this beautiful scrap page featuring my daughter Audrey for me.  Thank you so much Kyra.  I love it! 
Okay, enough of my babble for today.  I need to get busy and finish transferring files over to the new hard drive.  Before I go, let me share a photo that I took yesterday, from just outside our little porch.  There was a little gecko on the tree nearest us and I was trying to photograph it.  Because the sun was so bright, I couldn't really see what was in my camera lens so I just shot away.  This photo was such a nice surprise.
I'm off now.  I will have a new quick page for you tomorrow.  So, till then, Y'all have a fantabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.


gypsyrose said...

How awful to loose all your things because of a virus not the best thing to happen on a vacation or any time really.
Lovely photo and QP of Audrey glad you got to spend some time together, enjoy the rest of your time with Beth x

Annsterw said...

Super cute little guy! Amazing how they can perfectly blend in - the true definition of camouflage!! Annster's Domain

Beth Reed said...

It is so hard to see you sad over your hard drive. You are taking it much better than I would have thought. I would still be crying my eyes out.

You certainly caught a great surprise with the little gecko's... It is amazing to see them intertwined like that. They are so plentiful here.

Going to find something to do... Hugs Beth... PS. I think that I will steal sugar from Pogo if you will stop looking long enough! xx

Sojournstar Media said...

That sucks about the hard drive...
Did you let Laura know her kits were infected... if that is for real, then everyone who buys her kits will also get infected.

LV said...

These computers are great when all goes well, but the dickens when they do not. I know nothing about mine. Just do what I know each day. Glad you are enjoying your vacation.