Saturday, March 2, 2019

Please Snow, Go Away Long Enough For Us To Get To Florida.

March 2, 2019

Good morning.  Would you believe it?  Every day I check the weather to make sure this weekend will be okay and my plane will be able to take off on time.  Then yesterday Old Man Winter decides that we need more snow.  Not just one storm, but two.  One storm today and one tomorrow night.  My only hope is that this snowstorm will be over later today and all the roads and the airport will be cleared of snow for tomorrow morning.

The next snow storm is supposed to come in Sunday evening and go into Monday.  Yeesh!  And you know what gets my goat?  The weather man keeps saying that we here in New England haven't had much of a winter because we hadn't got tons of snow by now.  Maybe he should have stayed here during the miserable cold temps that we've been (enjoying?) and see that we really have had enough of winter.  We got plenty of rain, so we did not need tons of snow.

Thank goodness I got out yesterday to do my errands.  I went to the bank, so last night I paid a ton of bills.  I mailed my mailer box, then went to Town Hall to get Pogo's doggie tag.  While I was there I paid my excise tax and got a print out of all the taxes that I paid in 2018. 

Next, I went to WalMart and got my shingles shot.  The pharmacist told me that I might be sore for a couple days, and she was right.  My arm feels like a tank drove over it.  Ah, but it will get better soon.  While I was there I found a really cute red furry hooded jacket on clearance, so I bought it for my great granddaughter Aurora.  She just turned three, and I thought the jacket would look rather nice with the dinosaur print dress that I had got for her. 

After that, it was time to get home so that Pogo could go see Joe and have his turkey treat.  He so looks forward to this treat every day.  I will take a couple slices of his turkey treat in my purse tomorrow so that he can have a snack half way to Florida. 

Once Pogo was all set, I spent the next couple hours writing checks and making sure all my bills were here.  There will be two that will come in while I'm away, but Deanne will pay them for me.  I've left her an envelope with everything she will need.  Then I called the cable company to find out how to download my favorite programs so that I can watch them while I'm in Florida. 

The technician was really patient and took his time so that I could write everything down in my notebook.  After the call, I downloaded the app on to my tablet and tried to follow his instructions.  I was doing pretty good except I could not find a menu that was supposed to offer me choices of what I wanted to do.  I called back and another technician helped me. 

It seems that I don't have to download anything.  I just type in the name of the program that I want to watch and all of its episodes will come up.  Then I can choose which ones I want to watch.  Now how about that??  I think this is so neat!!  I tried it out and it works really good.  Let's hope it still works good when I get to the resort.  You know me and Murphy's Law.  hahaha.

Here's a new book I got recently, and I think I'm going to tuck it into my carry on bag to take it with me.  I've read a bit of it and it is really interesting. 

Today I'm going to share the last of SIL Mac's photos from the aquarium (in Japan).  I love the photos of the sea horses.  They are so cute.

I won't be posting tomorrow morning because I have to be up very early to head to the airport.  Deanne and Eddie are picking me up and driving me there.  What would I do without these kids.  I love them so.  Tonight, we're going to the Paris Cabaret to see "The King And I."  I'll try to take photos, if I can.  Of course, with this snow storm, tonight's performance just might be cancelled.  I'll just have to wait and see. 

There is some weather happening in Texas, so I'm hoping it doesn't interfere with Beth's flight.  There's also a mess of weather in Virginia.  Hopefully this isn't going to mess up Audrey's flight.  I can't wait to see my girls.  A year between visits is a long time. 

Today I have tomorrow's quick page for you.  I thought with all the snow that the whole country is getting, that I should do a wintry quick page.  Have fun with it.

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Now I'm off to do a bit of blog reading.  I like to start my mornings this way.  It's sort of like stopping in to say hello to my blogger friends, and wish them a good day.  So, I'll see you again on Monday.  Till then, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

It's good that you can drive around in bad weather and take care of your needs. I try not to go out if it's raining.(lol)I hope the weather doesn't delay your flight to Florida. You need a break from all the ice and snow. Oh well, it is suppose to be 70 degrees here today and next week by Wednesday it is suppose to be 32 degrees and ice. It will probably only last over night. This kind of up and down weather is not healthy for us. Hope you and Pogo, your daughter and Beth have a safe trip to Florida. Have a great day.

gypsyrose said...

Hope the weather is kind to you and you get to your holiday desination safely Have a lovely time there, x

Kathy said...

I am not looking forward to our weekend weather either. I keep telling myself it's only a few more weeks. Have a wonderful trip to Florida. Know that I will be jealous of your warm temperatures.

Theresa said...

Oh I hope the weather cooperates with all you have ahead! Can't wait to hear all about the show and your trip! Tell Pogo "HI"! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!