Friday, March 1, 2019

Less Than Three Weeks Till Spring

March 1. 2019

Good morning.  Happy first day of March everybody.  We're almost to Spring time!  Just nineteen more days!!  Let's just hope that the warm temps come with it.  I think we've all had enough of the cold to last us till next winter.  Here's the March page from my calendar.  I took this photo last year while we were visiting Old Town.  (Florida)

Well, my suitcase is 80% packed, and I've started on my carry on bag.  This one is difficult because I am trying to keep it from getting too heavy, but that's not an easy chore.  In order to be able to take my portable oxygen on the plane, I have to have a spare battery for it in my carry on bag.  This alone adds weight to the bag. 

I also have to put my meds, camera, tablet and small laptop in my carry on bag, and anything else of value.  I do have a nice carry on bag that will fit everything nicely, and it has wheels and a pull handle.  However, it's difficult to hang on to everything along with a stroller and a carry bag holding a little doggie while I'm in a wheel chair.  (and even without the wheelchair)  So I try to use a large tote/purse as my carry on bag.

The car rental company has a driver pick me and Pogo up at the airport and take us to the rental office not far from our resort.  When it is time to go home, they will drive us back to the airport.  This is a really big help to me, and so very much appreciated.

 I promised you a photo of that second Heirloom Cupcake.  Well, I had it this morning with my coffee.  Yum!  I figured all that sweetness might give me enough energy to get all my errands done today. 

Yesterday, dwarf Mike did some shoveling and cleaned off my car..  Then Joe finished shoveling out the driveway when he got home from work yesterday.  So today I have to go to the bank, the Post Office, Town Hall and then to WalMart to get my shingles shot.  Pogo will have to wait here at home because it's just too cold to take him with me.

Later today, I'll have to pay some bills, and get some others ready for mailing while I'm gone.  I've already given the mailman a note with the dates that I'll be gone.  Usually he brings my mail right up to my porch, but while I'm gone he'll put it all in the locked mail bin.  Joe and Deanne take care of the mail and everything else while I'm away.  I'm very thankful for both of them.

Later today and tomorrow morning, I will have to finish up any last minute stuff.  I'm going to the Cabaret tomorrow night with Deanne and Eddie and then early in the morning it will be time to go the airport.  Woo Hoo!

I did not get to go shopping to get the new mattresses, so I'll have to do that when I get home.  The sale is on till March 20th.  Today I'm charging my Halo charger.  I carry that in my purse.  I've already charged both batteries for my portable oxygen.  I'll have to do them again Saturday night.  My tablet and camera batteries are already charged so I think I'm all set with the batteries. 

Here's a picture that I borrowed from the web.  I'm always amazed at how things in nature manage to find a way to keep on going when things get tough.  It's a good lesson for all of us to know that we can keep on going even when we think we can't. 

Enough of my babbling.  I need to get dressed and get started on my errands.  I won't be able to post on Sunday, so I'll post tomorrow morning instead.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Theresa said...

Girl, you are chipping away at that list. Can't wait to hear all about your trip, I know that you and Pogo are going to have a great time! HUGS!

Angelicastar said...

Yes, February rushed out of here. I think they said we only had 2 or 3 days of sunshine in February. It has rained daily. The sun is trying to peek out now but it's very wet outside which is good on my vegetable garden. I am cooking some of my fresh collard greens today. I think this is why I am doing as good as I am. I eat a lot of fresh veggies. Meat I can do without. Fish and chicken is okay but I really doesn't have to have it. We will have some more cold weather next week and hopefully it doesn't bother my green beans that I've planted. I will probably have to cover them by Wednesday. I am waiting to plant my cucumbers, squash and okra. Every thing else is already planted because I didn't believe we would have any more cold cold weather. I use my USDA planting guide in our zone but they are not God. Keep Pogo safe from the snow. You stay safe also until you can get out of there. (lol) Have a great day.

Angelicastar said...

Be careful with google. I think they are trying to get me hacked. I will sign out every time I post a comment on your blog and as of today, google had to sign me back in and I didn't notice it. I think I've been signed in for approx. 2 weeks and didn't know it. I am threatening to leave google alone but then I wouldn't be able to read your blog. It's very sad that these folks will do things like this.