Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Go Away, Old Man Winter!

February 27, 2019

Good morning.  Dang already, it's cold!  Too cold for me!  Oh wow, we're up to 14F degrees already!  (it was 3F degrees this morning when I got up.)  With the wind chill factor, it feels like 1F degree.  We have snow coming tonight and tomorrow.  Hasn't anyone told Old Man Winter that it's time for him to back off and go into hibernation?

Folks, I know I shouldn't complain about the cold weather because so many folks across the country are having it so much worse.  Some of the pictures they are showing on the Weather Channel are heart breaking.  When I see what some folks are going through with their horrible weather, I guess I can deal with my popsicle feet a little while longer. 

p.s.  Whatever happened to that early Spring that the ground hog forecasted?

Well, I spent a good amount of time yesterday working on my tax stuff.  Ever wonder why it takes me so long to throw some papers in an envelope for the accountant?  Well, because my house is a rooming house, my tax stuff goes into lots of detail.  I have to account for every cent spent and earned during the year.  I did total all the columns of the bills, taxes, etc.  Now I have to go through all the miscellaneous receipts, break it all down into columns, and total them.  (I have a bad habit of misplacing or losing receipts, etc, which is why this whole process is so horrible.)

Once I have all these figures put into columns and totaled, I can give them to my accountant.  Then he can figure out just what and how much is allowed for deductions, etc, etc.  He charges an arm and a leg to do this, but there is no way I can do it myself. 

I bought the new "Trump Tax Cut" book.  It came yesterday and I took some time to look through it.  I could understand a lot of it, but there's no way I could apply anything I understood to my tax forms.  So I guess that's why the accountant gets paid so much.  I did call the accountant yesterday to make an appointment to bring all my tax stuff to him.  My appointment is a week after I get back from Florida. 

Well, I was going to go out tomorrow to do some errands and get my shingles shot, but if it's snowing I think I'll have to wait until Friday.  We'll just have to wait and see.  If the roads are clear, I'll try to get these things done tomorrow.  I need Friday to pack my carry on bag and my suitcase. 

I looked up some medical supply places in Kissimmee and there is one not too far from our resort that will deliver.  So, today, I'll give them a call to see about renting a walker with a basket.  This way I won't have to take my walker or the stroller with me on the plane.  This would be helpful.

Today I have some more of SIL Mac's photos from the Aquarium.  I don't know a lot about fish, but is that scary looking one in the last photo a Catfish?   Wow, it looks as big as an alligator!

I read in the newspaper yesterday that Facebook is in all kinds of new trouble for sharing lots of folks' information.  Thank goodness I'm not in the habit of sharing my daily everything on Facebook.  I do love to peek in every now and then to see what is happening with everyone.  It would be a shame if it ever had to shutdown.

Here's a little goodie I found on Facebook and borrowed to share here with you.  I did not know that Bea Arthur had been in the Marines.  Wow, very interesting indeed!  Thank you for your service Ms. Arthur.

Today I have a new quick page for you.  It's been cold for too long so I'm thinking Spring. 

Here is your download link:

Today I'm going to get that mailer box packed and ready to be shipped.  Then I want to try to fit everything in my new carry bag to see if it will fit okay or if I need to dig out my old carry on bag.  My daughter Deanne is going to be coming by around noon time, so I'm looking forward to spending some time with her. 

Now I'm off to do a bit of blog reading before jumping back into all this fun tax and packing stuff.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Annsterw said...

Have fun with your daughter Miss Edna! The Trump Tax Cuts did nothing for me but hopefully you will fare better. Have a great week! Hugs! Annster's Domain

smiekeltje said...

You will get there having all the things done in time. Worst of course is the tax stuff, but come on, just a bit more and you can put it in an envelope to bring it later to the accountant!
Done that, you can totally focus on your trip to Florida.
would be nice if you can rent a stroller for not too much so you won't have to take it with you!
Sorry you still have kind of wicked weather. We had a few lovely days with high temperatures, but today already it went down seriously.
ater this week it will be around 10C, but they say we will have quite some hard winds and I don;t like that.
But.... we will survive it, I suppose.
Try to take it as easy as you can the last days before your trip!
Hope the travelling will go smooth and that you will arrive there in wonderful warm weather and that it will be nice and warm all the time you are there.