Monday, February 25, 2019

There's A Mouse In The House!

February 25, 2019

Good morning.  Well, I've been up for a few hours.  Around 4:30 a.m. I just couldn't get back to sleep so I decided I may as well get up and try to do a few things.  So I did just that.  The ink that I had ordered for the printer arrived yesterday, so I installed it in the printer.  Then I printed off a couple mailing labels, a few crochet patterns and copies of my upcoming itinerary. 

Next, I had to re-package a few items that I need to return for exchange.  This took a while.  I had to make sure the right label went to the right item.  Plus, I'm a real picky packager.  After the packages were ready for mailing, I got my mailer box started.  I need this box ready for mailing by Thursday.

Yesterday I didn't get to do everything I had planned on doing.  Backing up my laptop took all afternoon.  I back it up in sections, each section in a labeled folder.  It took a while, but at least it is done.

There is a mouse that has come into the house and he is loving my bread, and anything else that I leave out on the counter.  Last week, I opened three new loaves of bread.  (one at a time, of course)  Loaf 1 - I got to eat just a few pieces of the bread before Mr. Mouse ate holes in the bag.  Loaf 2 - I didn't even get one piece of bread from this loaf.  I forgot to put it in the fridge, and Mr. Mouse tunneled a nice hole in the bottom of the bag. 

Loaf  3 - I'm enjoying this one.  When I'm not using it, I put it in the fridge or in the microwave.  I have a garbage container on the counter and it is covered, but Mr. Mouse has decided to eat this now that he can't have my bread.  Last night, I started putting the garbage container in the fridge.  I swear, this mouse is trying to drive me to drink! 

Now that would be something!  It takes me all year to drink a six pack of beer when I'm really in a drinking mood.  Can you imagine if I have to start buying a six pack every six months?  AA, here I come!  Just kidding.  One can of beer and I can have a nice nap. When we go to the Cabaret for an evening, I order a bottle of Sam Adams Light and a glass of ice cubes.  About two hours later, I ask for more ice cubes.  At the end of the evening (about four hours later), there is still some beer in my glass when I leave.  (if I'm driving, I order Coke)

We are having storm warnings here until seven o'clock tonight.  It's a bit windy outside.  No matter, today I have to work on the wicked tax stuff.  I'd like to have some columns done and totaled by tonight.  groan, groan, groan!

Ah, but next week!  Pogo and I will be in sunny Florida with Beth and Audrey.  The first thing I want to do, aside from grocery shopping, is to visit Orange World.  I love that store, plus there is a really nice flea market behind it.  I love that flea market too!

After a day of trekking around the flea market, I will put on one of my new mu mu dresses and take my crocheting out to my little screened in patio and get comfy.  My condo is close to everything I need, yet it offers privacy.

Here's a photo of the view from my patio.  The white fence over on the left goes to the computer room and the swimming pool and hot tub.  A little to the right of the fence you can see the open door to the laundry room.  Around the corner from there is the main office.  Very convenient indeed!

I think I'd like to visit Old Town again too.  They have some really neat shops there.  I found a tee shirt in one of the shops that I liked, but I didn't buy it.  I should have.  I have someone in mind who would like to have it.  Isn't this cute?

There's an advertisement on the TV featuring a bunch of children.  I don't know what they were selling because I was looking at one of the little girls.  Her ears stick straight out on either side of her head.  They look like Dumbo ears.  Oh my, that poor little girl!

Enough of my babble.  I'm off to do a bit of blog reading before starting in on the wicked "T" stuff.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Beth Reed said...

So excited to see you and Audrey in a few more days! I am really happy that we are getting our Girl Time on again!

Oh dear dear dear, what to do about that mouse in the house. I cannot stand the critters but perhaps the night before you leave Joe could set out some traps on the counter by a stale loaf of bread and come in every day to see if he has caught anything in the traps. Of course I am not sure if I would want anyone in my house but perhaps DeeDee could go and check and then get Joe to rid the trap of mouse. Just a suggestion.... or a mouse house that lets them in but they can't get out.. I am sorry that you have a mouse.. Yuck!

I have tons of things to do this week too. I want my house to be spotless before I leave. I really need to work on a few things, especially my room before I get my new bed this weekend. Yesterday I got a sofa from Karyn's soon to be room-mate. Moving on up!

Talk to you later. I have doctor stuff the next days... Hugs, Beth

My Tata's Cottage said...

Good morning, my son Jeremy had that silly shirt. Hee Hee Hee! I thought of you as I visited Sandee with She posted a sweet photo of a couple of Yorkies for Aw....Mondays. Maybe you can stop by.

I got up at 5 this morning. UGH. I finished dishes left from last night in the sink. Still need to start the dishwasher. Fell asleep last night before I started it.

I appreciate you so much. You are braver than me! I do not like mice. We had one in the yard and he got into one of the trash cans. Someone said they hate Almond so I dropped a few drops of Almond Extract in there. He left that place quickly.

SO much going on with our furry phamily. Jeremy's big guy was diagnosed with inoperable rectal cancer. They say it is common in boxers and he is part boxer. He is getting him radiation treatment which my buy him enough time to see their new baby later this year. If he gets into pain of course, Jeremy will not allow him to suffer. We worry about Stella. She was a rescue and he has always been her protector. It is hard losing our babies.

My girl was going to get spayed, She went into her first heat and Loki scaled a five foot kennel to get to her. She is due March 16. We are keeping her comfortable. With the loss of Bandit and this heartbreaking news with Smokey, we never got them all spayed and neutered. The boys will be doing that shortly. Thinking of Loki, he was misdiagnosed with megaesophagus. The vet was suggested putting him down. The kids said N O ! Can you imagine? He is a feisty fellow., My guess is he was the rut of the littler. You would never know how he keeps up with Leo running side by side with him as if he were his dad.

I did not mean to write a novella here. You take care and prayers would be so appreciated for us all the pets. :-) HUGS and LOVE

Annsterw said...

That shirt is hilarious! I am sooo very jealous of your home and that weather Miss Edna!!! I would love to have a screened in porch to sit on and cross stitch the day away - maybe for can dream...

Angelicastar said...

That mouse is trying to find a warm place to dwell. I open my compost container 2 weeks ago and one jumped out. I put a box of d-con in there for it to consume. (lol) That's my first time seeing one since I've been here. The house behind me is another lazy butt who won't cut his back yard. I am going to take some photos and go around on the street behind me to see what is the address. I will be sending it to the HOA when I feel better. Our homes are next door to a nature park and we should be more cautious of having tall grass. We've had some warm days and the grass are growing. Watch your food that is in packages. They will go through them also.

I know you are rushing time so you can get out of all that cold weather. We're cooler today than usual. It's 60 degrees now but this morning it was in the low 50's. I can plant some of my veggies now but some I am going to wait until it get warmer. The okra will not grow in cool or cold weather. Have a great day.