Friday, February 22, 2019

So Much To Do, So Little Time

February 22, 2019

Good morning.  The temperature is 33F degrees, but may get up to 41F degrees later today.   The sun keeps peeking in on us, so it's looking pretty nice outside.  Except for the snow and ice on the ground. 

It's almost eight o'clock and I've been up for hours.  As long as I was awake, I thought I might print out a few things that need to be printed.  Itinerary, patterns, that sort of thing.  Well, I got one copy of a pattern printed, then I ran out of two colors.  If any of the colors are running out, you can't print. 

So I had to go on Amazon and order the two inks.  Thank goodness they still carry the ink.  My printer is quite old.  One of these days I'll get a new one, but for now this one will do.  It has served me well for quite some time.  My only fault with it is that the ink is getting difficult to buy.

My laptop is getting old too, but I procrastinate because I'm not ready to have to learn Windows 10.  I like things running the way they do now.  Of course, I know that in the near future, I'll have no choice but to get a new one and learn how to use it. 

I can't believe how quickly time has flown by.  It's only one week till Pogo and I are off to Florida.  Gosh, I have so much to do still.  Ah well, what gets done, gets done.  It will have to do.  Opening night for the Spring production at the Paris Cabaret is the night before we leave.  I'm thinking that I'd like to go that night.  They will be doing "The King And I." 

The beginning of next week I really must get over to the Town Hall to get Pogo's new license tag.  Every year, I get his health travel letter and his license tag, and the airline so far has never asked to see them.  The one year I don't have them will be the year they ask to see them. 

I just realized that I haven't had my coffee or breakfast yet.  Pogo had his breakfast hours ago, but I've been too busy to make mine.  So I think I'll take a few minutes here to make a cup of coffee. 

***I'm back.  Oh my, that coffee tastes soooo good!  I made a breakfast sandwich too.  Yum!  I'm thinking that today might be a productive day for me.  I hope so because I have a mountain of things to get done today. 

As soon as I woke up this morning, I put the SHOP LC program on.  Today is "under $10 Friday" and they have been featuring quite a variety of products.  It's not all jewelry.  But some of the gemstone bead jewelry that they've shown is really beautiful.  I'm waiting for them to bring on some dinosaur stuff.  I have two little great granddaughters who love dinosaurs.  One of them is also into trucks and cars too.  So far, I haven't seen any of these either. 

This weekend I want to pack a box with Pogo's pee pads and maybe some craft stuff.  I'll mail this box probably around Wednesday or Thursday to myself in Florida.  This will save me some room in my suitcase and my carryon. 

Here's another pretty pattern I found on the web.  This one is called Larksfoot Stitch pattern.  You can find it on

Here's a couple more signs that I thought were rather funny.  Especially the first one.  It reminds me of Dean Martin's song "That's Amore."

Today I have to be careful about watching for the mailman.  I have a batch of bills that need to go out in the mail, and I missed him yesterday.  If I don't catch him today, I'll have to take these bills to the Post Office later today. 

Now I think I want to do a bit of blog reading before I get started on my chores for today.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Theresa said...

Sounds like you are getting things accomplished to be ready for your trip. I am sure you have a list that is getting checked off:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

LV said...

I am with you, still use Windows 7 and doubt I could understand the Window 10. My son thinks I should up grade, but not until I am forced to. I would have to give up my blog ad I did not even set this one. Time is passing too much. I am sure it is age. That crochet design you shared it so pretty.

Snowy said...

Love that crochet pattern look, will have to look it up and try out.My search is slow but successful. I have already found many of the resources I lost. It's kind of like unpacking presents, you don't know exactly what you end up with but get some nice surprises after so many years ,lol. When you plan to get a new printer ,I recommend to go for an HP printer. They have a subscription called "instant ink". You decide what priceplan i.e. how many pages you print each month. I have 100 pages for £3.99 , can carry what I didn't use over to the next month and they send new cartridges in the Lost before you run out. Only 2 cartridges (colour and black ) , and fantastic quality prints. It's also wireless if you wish, and you can even print from your phone or tablet. No more running out of ink or having to shop for it. So worth it ! Windows 10 is easy and the most like the old XP . Smoother running than 7 and I don't even wanna go into that other disaster program will get used to it in no time. It's really easy and user-friendly .
Hugs Snowy

Kathy said...

You have so much to do to get ready to leave in a week. But I'm sure it will all get done. My Epson printer is like yours. If even one color is out, it won't print. And the ink is the most expensive part of owning a printer! I changed to Windows 10 a few years ago. At first I didn't like it, but now I do. It's easy to learn and easy to use. The crochet pattern you shared is so pretty. I would like to do one like that.

smiekeltje said...

I know all about a printer like yours, when one color runs out, it will not print anymore!
Snowy recommands an HP, I wonder if a Canon will be okay too, don;t want to buy an expensive printer, cannot afoord one yet at the moment, and usually I don;t print all too much.
So much to think about. I will ask a friend of mine about his printer, also a Canon.
I don;t think you will have much trouble to get used to windows 10, it is just for a while somewhat different, I know because Jan had for a little while a windows 8, looks much the same I guess.
Yeah, we are still used to the windows 7, but soon we will have to go to the other.
Lovely crochet pattern, will look into it.
Have a great week, with much succes in getting all ready for your trip.